15 Small Office Design Ideas ( Article)

15 Small Office Design Ideas

For Small Group Gatherings

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15 small office design ideas for small group gatherings

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15 small office design ideas for small group meetings /second best fashion

for great lightings and home decor.

Luncheon Office Design Ideas

Entertaining and serving a great luncheon office design ideas is a great

way to feel at home and not in a rushed situation. This is a very reason way

is you’re living on a budget like many of us. Being creative with office entertaining

is a perfect idea for many home business owners.Design Portrait

I find that you can do this on a budget and it doesn’t take much time to set it up for

one or more participants. Next time you are planning a luncheon, why not do it at

your own home office.

You don’t need much to get started, just a menu and your items you will need to put it

together. Most of these items are in your kitchen. Save dollars and time. Be creative, and

let creative juices flow.

In This Article:

  • Place Setting For small Group Meeting
  • Small bouquet for Midday Setting
  • Apples & Flowers for A Dinner Setting
  • Delectable Veggie Meal for Luncheon
  • Vase For Center Piece Settings
  • True Center Setting of Violet
  • Simple Breakfast Setting For Two
  • Side Table Focal Point
  • Oils and Herbs
  • High Fiber Veggie Salad
  • Center High Fruit Vase
  • Desert In A Snap
  • Bowl Filled With cinimmon & Rolls
  • Blue Berries Delight Desert

Place Setting For Small Group Entertaining

A simple place setting as this one can really give your decor a tone

of creativity. Whether it is a setting for 2 or 20 people you can surely

pull this off. When planning, you can use disposable dishes and utensils

for serving your guess in, and you still can keep the dummy setting out for show.

by doing you still can carry off a very elegant occasion for the moment.

If you don’t have a special table setting, you could go to a thrift store and find

one very reasonable to use for your dummy setting.

What a great way to pull a beautiful table setting off that will look like you paid an

pretty penny for.

15 Small office Ideas

Small boutique Of Flowers for Midday Setting

Can really bring a group or team together. This setting is great for a party.

Or however, you want to use it. I use this setting for celebration or awards

ceremony or perhaps a graduation. This can be made by you and very reasonable.

Use your creative juices and put a good vase together for your next gathering.

Apples and Flowers for Dinner Setting

Most people love entertaining around a holiday occasion. Especially

during the thanksgiving and Christmas time. Apples and flowers When I plan my occasion around

when I plan my occasion around this time I find some good ideas to create my focal point for

that setting. I like having this form of gathering around the mid day.

My job is to plan for six people. So here is how I got it started. The first thing is to

write a list of items you will need to prepare this dinner. Next you want to check to see what

you have already in your kitchen. You may need to go and find some more item to

pull this off. Then, checking your office space and see what may need moving to another

space temporarily, and you will want to do a cleaning and refreshing up you space

for entertaining. To add to my list, first is a bunch of nice juicy red apples and a couple

basket of loving flowers.

Normally I use red as my color theme, because, red brings great energy to your space

and the apples bring a scent of apple blossom. Then I like topping it off with trimmings

of green.

Luncheon Office Design Ideas

Delectable Veggie Meal For Luncheon

Creating a very delectable veggie meal for luncheon is a great way to pull

this off without spending a lot of money, and serving a very nutritionist

meal to you group. When I serve salads of any sort, I must have the right

plate or bowl for this occasion. Along with that, I love to have the right utensils

and place setting. Health Food Choices

I always serve my salads dish with a nice dinner red wine and maybe some toasted

french bread on the side. How easy it’s to get it done on a budget. You will save

about twenty dollars per place setting, and can be by do this in the privacy of

of you own home office.

Vase For Center Piece Setting

There is one particular piece that I love to set my table off for the evening

entertaining. Any bouquet will serve the purpose, since all flowers are gorgeous.

True Setting Of Violet

Violet or purple make a true setting whether real or artificial. A nice bunch

of violets or purple make the space feel pure and clean.

Small office design ideas

Simple Breakfast For Two

If you planning a setting for two, well this a great way to get it done without

any stress whatsoever. Breakfast setting can be as elegant as you want it

to be or it can be as simple as you want it to be. The menu don’t have to be

all of that, because most people don’t care to have a heavy breakfast. Just

make sure you have a pot of coffee brewing and some hot water for tea.

Then top it off with a slice of toast, a boil egg, a bowl of oats and some grapefruit

haves sprinkled with hemp seeds or flax seed topping.

Side table Focal Point

Another great table setting for any occasion, whether it be for dinner

lunch, supper, breakfast or snack. Your guess will feel very pleased with

the colors of spring time all year long. Ebizby Design

Healthy Food Choice

Oils and Herbs

Oils and herbs can be a great addition to any meal or setting

Oils are used for seasoning and topping off your salad or can be

made into a delicious sauce or gravey. I use olive or for making

simple and easy to make dressings for salads.

High Fiber Veggie Salad

Is good for making a quick brunch b stuffing a pouch

with all the above selections. Now the oil and herbs will go good

with this as a dressing. Or this salad can be served in a traditional

way, a bowl or plate.

Center High Fruit Vase

This Center high fruit Vase I must have when entertaining ten people or more.

It is very attractive and makes a nice center piece on a desk night stand or

a regular dinning table.

You can mix and match it with whatever fruits you choose, to match your color decor.

Desert In A Snap

This is one of my favorite dessert filled with assorted seeds

pea sprouts, raisins and sliced bananas. It is very easy to make

just use your own choices of foods to make a delicious meal that

everyone will enjoy eating. Great as a movie or TV snack.

Bowl of Cinnamon and Roll

A bowl of cinimmon rolls are good to serve any time, and there

are many ways to make up a good batch for your favorite team or


Blue berries Delight Desert

A blue berry delight desert is a good way to top the evening off

with blueberries and vanilla ice cream or yogurt will serve as well.

Blueberries are filled with lots of great nutrient for

your physical health.


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15 Small Office Design is loaded with some of my creative ideas for entertaining

a small gathering in my small office space.  I share lots of tip, ideas and information

on ways that you can surely use to get your party or luncheon, or snack together.

I hope you find one that will give you some great tips for getting started on your next 

event. My House Spot

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  1. I absolutely LOVE home offices and wouldn’t change mine for the world. I have plants, lots of natural light and many personal touches. I also think people overlook the wallpaper and flooring when designing their home office. Having something unique to you really is the secret and I’m glad you’re helping people find solutions. Thanks for all these great ideas!

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