20 Things To Remember When Decorating Small Office Spaces

20 Things To Remember When

Decorating Small Office Spaces

Everything you need to know is right here in this Article. 20 things to remember when

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Stools and Bar

Stools and bar are used in place of an office room

Most people today, uses whatever space that makes it

convience to use as an office space, this have been known

to work out just fine, especially people that have the privilege

of owing two kitchens. Take notice to all of the space, and floor

area. There are lots of cabinets that can serve as storage area

for supplies, storing electronics away and for filing necessary

papers and documents. I can choose this office space over any

space, because I don’t like to be crowed in.



In This Article:

  • Stools & Bar
  • Large Furniture
  • Carpet
  • Paint
  • Wallpaper
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Table
  • Electronics
  • Chairs
  • Book Stands
  • Hard Wood
  • Plants
  • Mirrors
  • Lights
  • Supplies
  • Throw Rugs
  • Sofa Chair
  • Wall Pictures

Large Furniture

Large furniture can be tricky, so you must try and not fill your space

up with many large pieces.

Here are a list of large furniture that will

not fit well in a small office space

  • Large Sofa and Love Seats
  • large Recliner
  • Huge Executive desk
  • Tripe book stands
  • Large Table lamps
  • Tall floor lamps
  • Large seating office chairs

Now its okay to suite your office space with large items, but I

suggest you to be selective in choosing around two large pieces

in a small office space.

This way you will not only be conserving space but you will also have

less to lift when time for spring cleaning.




Tables have been serving the place of an office desk for years, and it

still serves a good purpose for some office setups. If you have space

for it that is fine,


Hard Wood

Wooden floors are a living piece of art that you can transform to any style

you like. Wooden floors can easily match up with any decor. So you don’t

have to shy away from the wood work. (Bona.com). I took an old wooden floor

restore, and revive its finishing s to satisfy my taste.





There are many ways to arrange your electronic’s. Since most people

process many types, your space can easily get congested and cluttered.

Choosing the right desk or work station will help resolve this situation in

minutes. Have fun and organize your space.




Window works are the thing today! It is a trend that is here to stay!

Most home-owners are looking for that house where they can bring the

outdoors inside. (Design On A Dime )

Since I am a nature and adventurous person, I really enjoy creating the

appeal in doors. This can easily be done by adding a large picture

window or adding an extra patio area that is filled with large glass. This

scene brings in lots of sunshine and daylight at the proper time of the

year. This area can be transpired into an open office space. Some people

use their garage to great this kind of space.



Chairs are need in every office space. If you are a very entertaining person,

then you need chairs. So the amount of chairs you choose for your space

is up to you. ( Small Office Chair Review)


Your walls are their first impression! So don’t b afraid to step out of your comfort

zone. Colors and paints are everywhere. Our children colors of a rainbow in

kindergarten. You can make your walls pop by using your creative decorative

power to do so.

Colors not only have the ability to transform the interiors of your walls. A little hue

with color from the heart is so pleasurable. As you fulfill your desire to create that

space, feel comfortable to expose the lasting and dramatic finishing of you walls.

Be sure to choose a paint that really complements. If you are using wallpaper,

select a paint either lighter or darker. The extra vibrant brightness will certainly


(Decor Walls / Creative office Space Ideas )


Hanging wall paper is a fun and exciting task. Choosing the right prints

or pattern to match your decor can be rewarding when the task is complete.

Most importantly, creative designs with wall paper is great for those who love

and live a bright cheery life.

The least worry you will have is painting often. Wallpaper seem to last for years

and years, until you want a change in the space and pattern. Other than that

Wallpaper is the way to go.

elitis.com /wallcovering



Book Shelves

Every office space can use a bookcase or two, I never go without one.

Shelves are a great space saver. When organized right, it add that

imperative look of an executive suite.

Organizing your book shelf takes time to create that office look, and you

definitely don’t want that appeal of a junk cluttered space with no focal

point at all. You can arrange them by colors, size, and width, and leaving

space for adding a picture or vase to set the tone.

Wall Mirrors

A mirror on your office wall can add that feel of openess and spaciousness.

If you are fighting for extra space, then, mirrors are a great choice for your walls.

I used at least one medium large mirror to accent an area that might near a

little accent to get that appeal. I think mirrors are great to have for people to

look at their apperance when they first enter my office. Other than that mirrors

have been around room ancient of days.


Adding life to your space can make that area feels like the outdoors

experience on a nice spring day in April. There are several ways to make

your office stand out!

If you are planning to use floor plants, then, the amount of plants must be

considered. Now ask yourself, how many large floor plants is enough? Of

course, it depends upon the size and room space available. You don;t want

to over crowd your small space with tons of plants that does’nt speak to you.

Now let’s see where can we place theses plants as to add a statement to the


Here are a few places that make so much sense. A table, window sill, and the

floor will serve as a great place and prehaps a good scene and vocal point.

Wall Pictures

Wall pictures,mirrors and packs add color and texture to the walls and some

pictures makes the wall pop. Some picture can draw your walls and

some can widen the area..( Design My Office Space )

I like hanging more that one or two look alike. Amagine hanging 3 pictures

that are about a 12’12 in width and length. All three have the same design

but present a different message.

Now if you are dealing with very small room space, this design will not work.

maybe, smaller in size and perhaps, just hanging two instead of three may

work best in that case.

Be selective when choosing the right pictures for your small walls

Floor Carpet

To be created, you need to be surrounded around the things you love. Drawing inspiration

from tradition influences is a great choice of combined patterns. (1010 rugs.com). rugs are

traditional, and they have been around since the medevial day. Throw rugs are commonly use

in different areas of the house.

Throw rugs should be choosing with care, as some can be a nusiance. Some issues I’ve with

them are that they move out of place, and this can really get out of order. I enjoy order, so

throw rugs just won’t work for me. But for those that know how to make them work, good ridden

to you. Anyway you can do a lot with them if you don’t mind shaking and placing them all day.



Throw Rugs

Cramped Office Space

See: (Declutter Tips Ideas )


Office Desk

There’s nothing better than a desk that is large enough, and not to small.

Today, people are buying workstations to use for working on instead of

sitting down at a desk all day. Setting your desk up like the one above is okay

it will work, but I like having a work station to put my computer, printer, phone

and a few books on it. (Home office Desk furniture )(Home office Desk furniture )

Leaving me with a clearer space on my desk, with only a clock, small plant and

my note pad and cellphone.



Doors plays an integral part in most office space today!

Some may have one or two doors, and some don’t even have a

door nor window. Actually doors are something that only service for

your privacy, and that’s it. Other than than you reall don;t need one.

Today everything is about openness.

Ceiling Light

Designing and decorating your small office designs layout ideas means a lot

Choosing th right lights are something that you must do to set-up your creative

ideas and style. making the best decision ever is all that really matter, and you’re

looking to purchase ceiling lights on sale or those that are not, but at a great price.

Creating an office space, a magical place filled with plenty of good lighting, and have

convention to nature (Ferguson).

Office Supplies

Supplies, Suplies, we need this stuff, and without it our office is incomplete.

As long as you can store your supplies in an orderly way, will work out




corian design.com





Article By: Louisa Barzey

Website: https:// crypto-homebossceo.com

Email: louisapromonews@gmail.com


Everything you need to know is right here. 20 Things To Remember

when declorating Small Office Spaces.



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5 thoughts on “20 Things To Remember When Decorating Small Office Spaces

  1. Good Day,

    What a great article!

    There are so many things I never considered in terms of getting that balance of home / office work space.

    Previously I only considered good light, a chair and a desk.

    I have to totally agree with the no-recliner in a work space rule.

    Tried that last spring, and let’s just say… productivity was not at it’s full potential.

    Thanks again, you’ve given me some really good ideas.


    1. Hello Sally! Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule

      to help me out, I really appreciate your time and effort. Let me tell you how it all got started. 

      Well about a year ago I had to down size to a very very small apartment, and leaving a four bedroom

      house behind. Now since then, I have been busy trying to make my office in a very small space, and it hasn’t been easy but to do a complete make over of that small space. Anyway, When Kyle started the Super Affiliate Challenge, I decided to take creating small office space as a niche, and writing has been going better than ever.

      Some to write about all of the time,and my focus is not on one item the Office Chair, I write about everything that goes with an office space  So far so work. Lots of things to write about that can help people or even give them some ideas about creating their office space.

      If you like to get more ideas go to https://crypto-homebossceo.com

      leave another comment, and I will get back to it! Any question is welcome!

      Thank You!

  2. Hey Louisa,
    The overall description of all aspects of your presentation was very informative and detailed. The reader would have no trouble following from room-to-room; the navigation was spot-on. I felt that the way you
    presented the information was specifically designed to
    focus on the various options that were available and
    allow for the reader to make many decisions about
    what would be best for them as they moved along.

    Was that your intention when you were preparing the post? If so, I feel that was an excellent decision.

    The final conclusion that I arrived at was that you
    incorporated all the necessary elements to allow
    for their choice; however, you also gave more
    information that presented an array of colors,
    designs, decorative ideas, and suggestions relating
    to space requirements. Well Done!

    1. Hello Kenneth, Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to give me your 

      best and honest opinion. I am getting better at it. I think you did an excellent job critiquing

      the entire post and your commenting makes me feel that I’m doing okay.  Yes my intention was

      just to give the reader the basic of 20 things to remember when decorating Small Office Space.

      I realize that my niche is somewhat broad , and I’m still working on that too.

      Again Thank You for a great job well done! 

      1. You are so welcome. I really enjoyed the entire presentation and do feel that you laid out so many options for the
        reader to pick and choose from that I am sure any visitor would leave with a wealth of information to choose from
        and then it would be up to them to decide what is right for them. I know that this may be a weird observation; however,
        I believe it is relevant. As I was navigating through the presentation, I felt like I was inside a store and was shopping
        for myself and could not believe the gigantic display of items that I could choose from. That was my overall impression
        and tried to abide by the rules on offering the comments correctly. However, I feel that this reply states my personal
        evaluation of how I think you did and I give you a grade of A+. Thank you for your response.

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