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Make a Statement/HomeOffice/Space Ideas

Make A Statement-Home Office-

Space Ideas

Office Functionality-Creativity in the office starts with culture.

“Make A Statement-home Office-Space Ideas.”Built-in patio ideas, styles and culture.

Tips and Ideas for the cultural inclined person who are looking for a change in their office appearance.

Subjects Covered:

Office Functionality-Creavity in the office starts with culture

  • Summer Colors
  • Patterns
  • Textures
  • Lighting
  • Curve Appeal
  • Paints

Make a Statement/ Home office / Space ideas

Summer is here, the flowers are in bloom, the birds and the bees has come out of their

hiding, the trees are filled with colorful flowers, and the smell of honey sucker spreads through the air.

The other day, I was reading other interior decorators ideas and acoustical visuals, and Dani Arps

statement stood out.

“Office design helps create office that’s important for the success of any home

business or company, She say’s to the part of that success, even the smallest space can be incredibly exciting.”

Open Office-Plan

This can be any space within your home. So you are in good standings. Any space in your home can

be a  functional office space if done with tender-love and care. I like creating a space that

has that office appeal, affect, and cultural pop, with a great focal point.

Office Space Patio

If you’re an creative person, then office space patio’s are for you, Creativity in the office starts

with culture. So taking this on as a project is well worth your time.

Creativity in the office starts with culture.

This may sound like a difficult task, but its not, in time, you will learn something new like great selections and many

creative ideas to share with friends and family. Which ever route you take this is solely okay, you will be very happy

with the end results, now you can prepare your plan, then write it out.

In this Article:

  • Creating the space
  • Designing the Interior Layout
  • Choosing the right Furniture
  • Bring in style and culture
  • Finishing the project

Creating The Space

With this project, I choose to create this space in a built-in patio. ‘Getting Started”

First, you should scope out the space that will be transformed when creating your office

patio with space and functionality. Now your space can be total different from the one I choose

so the choice is yours but the same principles are the same.

*When planning out the area, measurements are important.

List of supplies you will need:

  • tape measurement
  • pencil
  • paper paint
  • wallpaper
  • window work
  • step ladder
  • hammer
  • nails 

Items listed above may not be needed for your project, so you can be selective in

choosing the items you will need. I always make sure to have enough

items to work with before getting started on any given project.

Designing the Interior Layout

When designing the interior layout, I start with an empty space then

working with the walls which I think is a great place to start with, So, if the space you’re

working with has more windows than walls, this is okay, then you don’t have to worry

about painting of the walls.

Next you can start with the floors. If your floors are hard wood or title this is good to.

Transform the floors into what ever appeal that you desire.

Choosing the right Furniture

Choosing the right furniture is solely based on what scene or culture

appeal you want people experience. To keep things orderly, you need to be

certain about how you want this space to look when you enter. I think that

choosing less is better, and the same time you can cut back on size too.

Sample list of furniture:

  1. office desk
  2. office chair
  3. love sofa
  4. table lamp
  5. chair
  6. bookcase
  7. ceiling light
  8. stand-up-sit computer desk

This list is not suggested for you to use. It’s just a sample list of ideas and how to get started with tips about your own project.

Wall Accessories:

  1. two wall pictures
  2. one mirror
  3. hanging plants

With this list, you can choose what ever you will need to make your project successful.

Assuming that your patio has lots of windows, then you won’t need but very little wall space for

hanging wall decor.

Your Office Decor Organizer can help you draw up a design plan that will be just perfect and right

for you.


Bring In Style and Culture

Bringing in style and culture is all about designing space and bringing in new

ideas for your open-space-plan. Make sure that you have acoustical and visual

appeal that you are happy with, and won’t mind having your first office gathering.

When I create -a-space, I always put my self in a person place, how they view me

as an Office Decor Organizer.

Finishing The Project

People are thinking out of the box. Especially when creating home office out

of any space. This is where I’m inspired at doing. My ultimate goal here is to help home

businesses think out of the box with creative ideas.

While culture plays a role in designing and creativity. I want to help inspire new office owners

a new and easier way of creating that desired space they want. Whether you have

creative skills or not it makes no difference, you can become the best office designer there is .

All you need is love about anything that makes you happy in life.

Making a space into a functioning area is a great and idealistic project for anyone that is

an outgoing or an outdoors lover, makes bringing the outdoors inside is what it’s all about.



Blogger: Louisa Barzey