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How Are You Sitting-The Best Chair-Protecting the back-2

How Are You Sitting-the best chair-protecting the back

Many people are low back suffered, and back pain is a hard cure, learning about the back

and finding the right chair is a great start. I was a low back sufferer for many years

until, I learned about how sensitive the back is, and how to protect it with self- help and discipline. For years of taking aleve just to get relief.

For years while taking all kinds of pills for pain only made it worse.



How you sit, walk and bend have a devastating effect on you back and lumbar area.

What cause low back pain?

Many people today have some sort of back problem, and what can be done about it?

There are many reasons for sudden and consistent backaches. Pulling, bending, squatting

lifting, slipping and falling can affect you back at any age, so age is just a number it boils

down to who are the back pain sufferers.

Because your back consists of bones, joints and ligaments, muscles and nerves, any thing

can trigger the nerve. Acute back pain normally goes away on its own within six weeks or



There are other reasons for acute back pain

  • normal aging
  • weak back
  • additional muscles
  • obesity
  • postural in balances

These symptoms can set the stage for your increased back pain and discomfort. Chronic back

pain in terms may appear either suddenly or slowly, or last 3 months or more and isn’t relieved

by standard treatment. “In older people, chronic conditions such as degenerative changes of the

spinal bones and disk, vertebral compression fractures, spinal deformities are common sources

of chronic and persistent back pain.

Because I am an ongoing occupational patient, makes physical therapist my last name; sort-of-speak.

Let me share a list of things I do to help my lower back and lumbar area.


How are you sitting-the best chair-protecting the back

  • Stretching can be done daily at home or at the gym, or wherever you choose to do them. Because

I work at home, I do my stretches any time, mainly why sitting at the computer, lying down or standing.

when we sit for long periods throughout the day, your back will feel very stiff when you get-up. So to

get into a good routine and do little movments throughout the day, and dancing works wonders.


  • Good Posture

Maintaining your posture can really have a great impact on the troubled spot. When walking or

standing, practice keeping your back in a comfortable upright position. Do not arch your back

when sitting or walking. Shoulder back, even with your chin.

  • Yoga

Join a yoga program, and get physical. Yoga helps strengthen muscles

bones, and joints, so by adding yoga to your every day exercise routine

will prove helpful.


  • Sit in a straight back supporting chair

  • Adapt To A healthier lifestyle

Adapting to a more healthy lifestyle can be life changing, and this

change include what eat and how many vitamins and supplements

you’re getting everyday. Vitamin C & D are two great sources.

  • Avoid Lifting heavy object

Only lift the amount of weight your body is comfortable carrying. When lifting any weight

bend at the knees, then gradually pick up the object.

How are you sitting-the best chair-protecting your back

What causes back pain?

“Spine related problems, and back pain often happen because something

is off or in the way.” Your spinal joints, muscles, discs and nerves fit together

and moved herniated discs can cause pain in your lower back or hip because

the nerves are pressed.” Web MD

Causes of Back Pain

Back pain can be bought on by things you do in your day-to-day life.

  • Not excercising
  • Lifting heavy objects
  • Smoking
  • Slouching at your desk

Acute Pain and Causes

Researchers at the University of Sydney in Australia studied 999 people with

low back pain who visited a primary care Clinic, and nearly half the patients reported

severe pain lasting 24 hours or longer after onset, and 87.8 percent said the pain

interfered at least moderately with daily activity.” Performing a manual task in an awkward

position was the most back pain triggered reported. Heavy lifting was also a common trigger

among patients, fatigue, physical exertion and distraction during a task significantly

increased the risk of back pain.”


When To Seek Medical Help?

How are You Sitting-The Best Chair-Protecting Your Back

“Acute back pain can persist or worsens after about a week you should consult

a doctor. Persistent low back pain could signal an underlying medical condition

such as an injection, fracture or even cancer.”

(Scientific American)

Seek Medical Help:

  • can’t stand or walk comfortably
  • feel a shooting pain down either or both legs
  • have a history of osteoporosis
  • feel weakness in the legs or numbness in the genital or rectal area
  • have severe pain that lasts longer than a day or two
  • experience bladder or bowel incontinence or have difficulty starting or stopping urination

A Solution To Back Pain Sufferers

What organs are in the middle of the back?

“Other possible sources of referral pain into the thoracic region include Visceral

organs like: lungs, gallbladder, stomach, liver, Pleura, cardiac and duodenum. The

middle back pain has long been a “red flag” to alert healthcare professionals to the

possibility of cancer ) Metastasis or spread to the spine.”)



Severe Middle Back Pain

” Repeated pressure in the spine can lead to back pain that aren’t due to underlying

disease; example include inactivity, overuse, misuse lifting boxes, holding a child, a

partly filled backpack or sleeping in an uncomfortable position.”

In some cases, poor posture ca causes this pressure. The muscles in your back

have to work hard to keep your balance when you slouch. Over working these muscles

can lead to aches and middle back pain.

Health line>health>middle back-pain



What are the benefits of wearing a back brace?

How are you sitting-the best chair-protecting your back

Professionally fit back braces offer a safe, non-invasive to treatment to a current back

injury or to prevent a chronic condition from intensifying. Wearing the back brace

can assist in healing, decrease the chance of further injury, help control pain

support weakened muscles, and promote good posture.

Aug 2, 2016 https://www.arthristisand injury


Back Pain NightMare

Self-care for an aching lower back

Acute low back pain usually goes away on its own, with little or no intervention.

Try following tips to aid in symptom relief and recovery.

  • Take short walk throughout the day and wear athletic shoes while walking: Pull your stomach in slightly as you walk to support your back and limit the length of your steps to maximize tension on the back. Try to walk an asphalt instead of cement, which is harder and can stress your back.
  • Resume normal activity as soon as you able: You may need to start slowly, returning to regular activity will keep your back conditioned and help prevent a relapse.
  • Apply heat for temporary relief of muscles spasms and pain. Try to heat wraps which is safer than a heating pad muscular heating blanket.
  • Rest your back no longer than a day or two after your injury, and if pain is severe then inactivity associated with longer periods of fast rest may weaken musscular and do more harmful than good.

Causes of Back Pain

  • Wearing high heel shoes
  • Poor nutrition and vitamins
  • Being Overweight
  • Slouch and bad posture
  • Sitting long periods without stretching
  • Back pain can also be caused by medical conditions
  1. Arthritis- Is a joint disease that causes stiffness, swelling and inflamation
  2. Osteoarthritis- this type of arthritis is caused when your cartilage and bones breakdown. This common in people from middle age and upward
  3. Pregancy- the weight gain you put on can strain your back
  4. Tumors-you can get tumors in your back, they usually spread by a cancer that started somewhere else in your body

Less common causes of Back Pain are

  • Kidney stones and infection
  • Endometriosis- a build-up of uterine tissues outside the uterus
  • Osteomyelitis or discitis, infections in the bone and disc of the spine
  • Fibromyalgia, a condition that causes widespread muscle pain.


Blogger: Louisa Barzey



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Set-Up Home Office Small Spaces-home office created anywhere-1

Set-Up Home Office Small Spaces -set up home office-create home office desk space

Looking for ideas on how to set up your home office. In this article you

will find some great ideas and tactics. Make your office pop with a great

office appeal.

Be Your Own Home Boss Work Home /

2018 /Create Home Office Desk Small Space/ Set-Up Home Office Spaces



Set- Up Home Office Small Spaces

With Chairs

In This Article:

  • Home Office Desk Small Space
  • Home Office created in any space
  • Picture Home Office Small Space
  • Small Ideas For Maximizing Space
  • Best Place To Find Office Supplies And Discounts
  • Picking The Right Space
  • Home Office Small Space


Set-up Home Office Small Spaces is certainly a very challenging project, especially for

beginners. The good thing is that anyone can be creative in developing great and interesting

Ideas for a small office space, or any other space can be done, and on a budget. As you gross

yourself with the information, tips and ideas, I know that you will be find one are all in your favor.

Be Your Own Home Boss Work Home.






Home Office Created in any Space


Finding the right space in your home is not that complicated, with created

abilities, amazing thing starts to happen. If you’re planning to create office

space in your home, then let’s see what we have to work with, then work up

a solid plan to getting it done.

The first thing you should consider is what space you will be using. You may

be dealing with a very small area or perhaps a large space. However, any space

will do. Home Office Created In Any Space.

The next important thing is to measure the space size, by doing this way you will

know how much to include in your created space. When it’s done you are ready

to start your design.


Pictures Home Office Small Space

Pictures can really give that space a great appeal. Large pictures can

give a large space a closed in look, and smaller pictures can give a

more opened up space, and a few mirrors in a small space help open

up the space to appeal larger than it really is.


Most importantly, when shopping, choose wisely, and get just what will

bring out the finished wall look. Limit the amount of wall decor. Some people

get carried away with this task. So using a few is better.



Small Ideas For Maximizing Space

There are lots of ideas for maximizing space in a small office. Listed

are a few. HGTV

  • Replacing large items with smaller ones
  • Hanging less wall pictures up
  • Adding a large mirror on wall
  • Instead of a large desk, replace with a workstation
  • Use a small size floor rug for center of floor
  • Use window blinds in place of curtains or valances
  • Paint the walls with white paint

To help make this task simple and enjoyable, start by removing everything out of the

space, and start over with a new complete look. This will take very little time to do with

a helping hand for moving large furniture, and White wall paint will give that space a very open

appeal. Then you may want to remove the carpet completely, because carpet draws a space.

As you get started, be prepared to make some drastic changes, then, when the job is complete

you will be very proud of yourself for a perfect job well done.


The Best Places To Find discounted Office Stuff

  • elle
  • benjamin

Picking The Right Space

If you’re working with a small tight space, then, it can be a bit frustrating because

the things you want to include in that space is just not going to work the way you

visualized it. However, we can still make use with what we have, and you will be surprise

to how this small place can turn out. Many seniors had to downsize due to family size

or change in working and financial situations. So if that be the case for you, well you’re

not alone. Over the years, I have seen hundreds of homes and apartments transform

into a gorgeous looking home office.

Economically, you have a better chance of claiming this space as a business expense

at the end of the year. So rest for sure, that there are great benefits in it with any size

office space.



Deciding on the right space for creating your small home office can be

done anywhere in your home. When shopping for furniture, you can find

some great items that are cheap and reasonable. The above picture, display

great looking furniture and accessories. Creating Home Office Small Space.



In this space we can see that there are too many chairs in the office. Very little organization going on

and the lighting, seen to be over glaring. With this space we can really make a great appeal just by giving

it a little TLC. Mommy Essence.

Getting started with this task can be so rewarding, and in the end you will have created a home office small


To learn more about Home Office Small Spaces: Go To



In this office there are large pictures and mirror and a large table.

Actually these are great pieces to work with depending on what

size room you’re working with. In this senario, I would surely remove

the table and some chairs, and put a workstation in its’s place.

Pictures home office small spaces.   Get more ideas about choosing

the right pictures for your home office walls at

Be Your Own Home Boss Work Home.

Conclusion: Set-up Home Office small Spaces-Set-up home office-create home space-create home office space

“Looking for ideas about ow to set-up your home office, well in this article you will find some amazing ideas and

tactics that will make your office pop with that great appeal.”





Article By Louisa Barzey


12 Unique Small Office Furniture Layout

12 Unique Home Office

Furniture Layout Design

12 Unique Small Office Furniture Layout

Home Furniture Layout Planner

Be Your Own Home Boss Work Home /

Making your space functional / spacing it the right way / choosing the right size

There are many styles and layouts in homes that have office space where ever it

can be and functional and kept up to standards. Domus Every space is workable, and can

be made into a great space that stands out. Topics: office furniture corner desk-

office furniture design layout-office furniture pictures



The Grand-Opened Layout

This office is just The Grand- opened Layout office furniture layout design and has lots

of space and volume until it doesn’t appeal to be an office. But surprisingly it is somebody

home office. All this space needs is a complete make over, and added

a touch of focal points and accents settings.




Home FurnitureTable and Chair Layout

Sitting at a table working at is actually used for his office.

Home furniture Table and chair layout, sitting at a table, and working at is actually

used for this office It has room to play with. But it’s going to take some time to come up with

a design that will accompany the space. Small space like this, This space certainly is due for

a home office furniture design layout.

I would design a complete design idea, and that will give the space a signature

appeal at Tonica.

Thinking of make does not have to be done on an expense budget. I

choose to go and shop around for discounted items for this decor.


Squeezed Corner Space/ Modern

Office Furnitur Design

This squeeze corner space is functional, but it can use some

arranging of furniture and taking out the extra stuff out of this space.

It can use a few more focal and accent pieces that will give this space

a perfect lift for a home office furniture layout.

Challenging this office by, removing everything out of that space and

then you can draw out a make over plan that will work. Take a closer

at this office appeal. I noticed that there are several computers and

laptops, so efficiently this space is a shared office. There are several

lamps, actually three to many. I would certainly, get rid of the excess

lightnings and replace some of them with a great ceiling light, and of

course add one or two desk lamps, and one hanging light.

With the right attitude and design techniques, this office can definitely

be done on a budget.

Digs Digs


Simple Closed Setting/Office Furniture

Design Layout

This is a very cozy simple closed setting as well as a simple close one.

This office space is okay. Yes, there is certainly enough room to work with.

just from m first observation of this space, I came up with a great plan

that will surely make this little closed office setting will pop with a Modern Office Furniture Layout.

A complete make over will be a perfect start. Removing everything out of this space

and transforming it into a great and awesome work space. Now let’s take a closer look

at the original setting. Cage The two chairs are okay but in the wrong place. I would certainly

move they out of the way, and perhaps find another more suitable one for that space.

My guess would be to bring in a workstation that will give more working space, and will

certainly add more volume to that setting.





Triple Space Home Furniture Layout

A triple space home furniture layout. This is a huge office space,

and this one has what it will take to arrange a perfect space. Just imagine this

space in your home, now think about what you would do to get your desired appeal.

Now you have everything to work with. There are enough seating, but need

arranging. The floor piece can use a nice carpet or replaced with a lam anent

wood like floor. This space can be transpired into a Modern office furniture design.

The walls can use another make over. So hear you got your work set out for

you, and it can get done without having to spending a lot out of your budget.

Another thing I took notice to My House Spot is that the windows could use an uplift

with a touch of greenery. In this large home office furniture layout design.

This job seems like it will take forever to get done, but actually it could be done

in one day and a half. So if you are dealing with a triple space layout like the one

above, then, here is great news, it can get done!

  • sofas
  • chairs
  • window
  • extra seating
  • tables
  • lamps
  • lightnings


Attic Space Office Small Area/office furniture

layout Ideas

Attic Space office Small Area Office furniture layout ideas makes a great workable space

for transforming Now this Office furniture layout ideas. Now, lets take a look at this scene.

My first distraction is that huge table, and there are definitely too many chairs.

My first guess is that this office is set up more like a meeting area. That’s fine, but we

can really make this space a meeting area and office space in one. There are much

room for improvement My Home Choice The great thing is that you have enough

items to start with.

  • chairs
  • table
  • wall pictures
  • side table


Old Traditional Without A formal

Office Furnitrue Corner Desk

This old traditional office space without a formal desk has such a unique

appeal. An office furniture corner desk will work. The space is medium-small

and can be transpired with a little tender love. Antiques The items that you have already

to work with are a great start. Just some of your creative ideas and touch will go a long way.

  • chairs
  • wodden desk
  • stand
  • fan
  • plants
  • wall pictures

From what is presented here you can see that this person is a lover or

antique furniture. But that’s fine. We can surely work with this space. First,

I would do some rearranging, then I would probably add another workstation

for additional working space. Changing the pictures on the wall all together

will give the space more focal appeal.

Lighting is the less I see here. There isn’t enough brightness for an office

space. This space can certainly use a gaming chair, replacing the other

desk chair and replacing it with an Office Furniture Corner Desk.





Living Room Setting Used for Temporary

Office Furniture Layout

There are many home based business that are set up in the living room.

Living room setting used for temporary office.

In some cases this is what it is. Some people had to down size and this is what

they have to work with which is certainly okay. It takes all kind of spaces to make

the office go round for some home office pictures. Ewinkee

In this setting, a corner office will serve the purpose here, and without taking up

more space. So I would definitely invest into a nice sit stand work station. I choose

work station that can accommodate two laptops, a desk computer and printer, and

a couple of drawers for storage.

A hanging filing system or a mobile one will work just perfect here.



Small Office Furniture Layout In A

Crowded Corner Office Space

Small office Furniture Layout In A Crowded Corner Office Space

Are common today! But the good thing is that this kind of space is indeed workable.

First, with this setup, I would most certainly add a workstation and family gaming chair.

In this space there is room for Office Furniture Design Layout! Idolza



Deluxe Opening Room Office

This deluxe opening room office transformed into a Modern Office Furniture Layout

Of course there is a lot to work with, space and windows a plus in this picture.

There are lots of space, and the windows are exceptional, for the normal

nature lightnings Now this space, is used for large group meetings, and family

entertainment, so this is a very interesting office furniture layout design



Office Furniture Corner Desk on Wheels

Nowadays, people are looking for a space saver and a convince office

that can move almost anywhere. Take a look at this Office furniture corner desk on wheels

This little office setting is okay, especially for creating Home furniture Layout.

In a teen room are in a main area of the house will make it workable

and possible. My o Homes




12 Unique Space Home Office Furniture Layout Designs


Home office furniture Layout Designs-Modern Office furniture Design


Article By Louisa Barzey

at Homebossceo





Lighting Design Office Space

Lighting Design Office Space.

Making The Best Lighting Design Office Space choice For Home Office Space

can be rewarding because there are many styles, sizes and shapes for your individual needs…


Be Your Own Home Boss Work Home/

lighting design office space

2018/ Create Home Office Small Space/Creative Office Space Ideas

lamps-pole lights-ceiling fan low vision vision lights

circa lighting. Lighting Design Office Space.

Lighting Design Office Space

    • Lighting Design Office Space
    • ceiling lights/Table Lights


    • Be your Own Home Boss, Work Home/
    • 2018 Good lighting are very important for your creative office space ideas. Lights are needed for


Day and Night Vision.

Day and night vision / Lighting Design Office Space

“Active infrared night-vision are used when your eyes

need 700-1,000 NM just below the vision spectral.”

Wikipedia Night Vision



Lighting and Lamps

There are many Lighting and lamps on the market, choosing the right lights for your

home office small spaces can also be very challenging. Taking sometime with your search

Can be very rewarding. Some people can see better with a desk lamp, and others prefer

the ceiling light. OCHRE Furniture.Lighting Accessories #Lighting Design Office Space

People with night vision is better off with a complete lighting system in their home office space.


In This Article:

  • Lighting and Lamps
  • Finding the right lights for your small office space
  • Decorating your office space with a glamorous desk lamp
  • Creating home office Small Space lamps
  • Ceiling Lights with Fan
  • How many Lights are good for small space

Finding the right lights for your small office space.

Both ceiling and desk lighting are great to have, choosing between a swag hanging light, or

Ceiling chandelier are both suitable for this project. Finding the right lights for your small office space. before spending on any choices of lighting pick and choose, and match the light with your existing

decor, and be selective in making your decisions.

Some people have l night vision where they can rarely see at night, therefore, they require

a special light that Is sold on the market at a reason price. Visit:

for a great selection of lights.

Decorating your office space with a glamorous desk lamp.

Decorating your office space with a glamorous Desk lamp are great for close-up and nighttime reading.

I find that it’s a good idea to has a couple of desk lamps in your office on top of your desk

and there are some elegant lights on the market today. Be Your Own Home Boss

work home.


Designing home office lights

Designing home office lights don’t have been expense, but it’s your choice to what

kind of lighting situations you desire for your home office.

Today, there are numerous styles of lighting systems for all of your house business

needs, and prices ranges, that you are able to buy the best.

Ceiling Lights with Fan

Ceiling Lights with fan serves two purposes, and these you will see in most modern office space.

Shops that sell great ceiling lights:

  • Hayneedle
  • Birch Lane
  • Going Lighting
  • Houzz
  • Rejuvenation
  • Barn Light Electric

Pendant hanging lights are great lights for your office space, and they usually comes

versatile. In most homes today, I see the Flush mount lights are popular. When you are shopping for

take your time and pick the one that will be the best for your setting.



Ceiling fan light
I choose a ceiling light that has two functions, to cool by and to see by

With this kind of light, you are reserving space in your small office too.

How many lights are good?

How many lights are good to use in your home office space vary. I choose to have three kinds of lights in my

Small office space. Everyone has their own preferences, Forest or night stand lamps are great to have

on a stand in your office, and on your night stand in the bedroom.

I choose a nice chandelier light for my ceiling. There are several kinds of ceiling lights to choose from.

Some people use a lamp as an accent piece.


Wealthy Affiliate

The Shade




Blogger: Louisa Barzey



#Lighting Design Office Space, #Create home office small space idea# Decorating your

home office space with a glamorous desk lamp / Creating home office Small Space Lamps.

Ceiling Lights / Fan/ How many lights are good for small space. Lamp pole lights/ Ceiling

fan lights / Florescent lights /Low vision lights / 2018.

Lighting, Ceiling Lights, and Lamps

Every office space should have good lighting. During the

day or nighttime, sufficient lights are essential. In my home office I prefer

both ceiling and desk lighting. Everyone has a different curve appeal, so

its different stroke for different folks.

However, make sure when you go shopping second best fashion make sure

you look for the best in lighting. Some people have low vision and others have

high vision, so choose your light accordingly.


“Making The best lighting design office space

choice for home space can be rewarding

because there are a variety of styles, shapes

and sizes for your individual needs.”
 /be your own boss work home


Home Boss

Photos in courtesy of Pixabay.





Gaming Chairs Review

How To Choose and Buy A Good Office Gaming Chair

High End Best Gaming Office Chairs


Be Your Own Home Boss Work Home

Office chairs/ gaming chairs/





What Is A Gaming Chair?

A gaming Chair is one designed specially for the comfort of video game

players. The history of the chair gaming chair originated from rating

gaming  chair such as Need For Speed, Flat Out Dirt, etc.  The original

idea was to replicate the feel you have when driving a sporty car.

Most gaming chairs are designed to look like a car seat.  These chair

have very high cand flared out sides. The sides of the seat will

typically have additional padding. This helps add  to the sporty look.


Who Made The First Gaming Chair?


[]  <iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allow=”autoplay; encrypted-media” allowfullscreen></iframe>


When Was the first chair born?

DX Racer first and original brand of the modern gaming

chair was born in 2006 and headed for the world of gaming

www.  The company  was founded in 2001. In

USA Michigan. Since 2008, the DX Racer  has been an active

sport chair.

Where Are Dx Racer Chairs made?

Most DX Racer are designed  for to be used for long periods.

Some office chairs are designed to meet the needs of the

office environment, and are not consider to be spine friendly.

Sitting in regular office chairs can ltake a toll out of your


Most gaming chairs are made out of nice soft materials that you

can possible sit long hours in a day with feeling stressed in the

Lumbar area.

Today gaming  most gaming chairs comes with unique features that

set them apart from other chairs such as audio speakers in the headrest,

or the ability to control certain features of your TV. One of the main benefits

of these chairs is that some comes with a footrest, and it is very comforted for

sitting for long hours.



Where to Buy Gaming Chairs At?


What you should know about Gaming Chair?


How to use a a gaming Chair?






New Gaming Chair Racing Style High-Back

Office Chair.  Price $99.99

New Gaming Chair Racing Style High-back Office Chair Ergonomic Swivel Chair




New Gaming Chair Racing Style High-back Office Chair Ergonomic Swivel Chair





High Back Office Gaming Chair Racing Seats Executive Computer Chair Rocker Red

High Back Office Gaming Chair Racing Seats Executive Computer Chair Rocker Red

Style High Back!
Brand New
Price: $257.13



Video Gaming Chair Ergonomic Office 360 Swivel Home High

Jack PU  (Price) 67.99 to $117.99

Video Gaming Chair Ergonomic Office 360 Swivel Home Highback PU Leather Armchair



Baesset High Back Lumbar Gaming Chair Racing Adjustable Black Blue Office Seat

Baesset High Back Lumbar Gaming Chair Racing Adjustable Black Blue Office Seat

Brand New
5.0 out of 5 stars – Baesset High Back Lumbar Gaming Chair Racing Adjustable Black Blue Office Seat

2 product ratings

Price: 319.88



Baesset High Back Lumbar Gaming Chair Racing Adjustable Black Blue Office Seat

Baesset High Back Lumbar Gaming Chair Racing Adjustable Black Blue Office Seat

Brand New
5.0 out of 5 stars – Baesset High Back Lumbar Gaming Chair Racing Adjustable Black Blue Office Seat

2 product ratings



Basset Gaming Chair High Back PU Lumbar Race Computer

Office Seat Black White

(Price) $247.80

2 Stars







20 Things To Remember When Decorating Small Office Spaces

20 Things To Remember When

Decorating Small Office Spaces

Everything you need to know is right here in this Article. 20 things to remember when

decorating small office spaces./home office ceiling lights ideas /natural light lamps

for office /design office ideas entertaining guest. Declutter Tips Ideas Office /April /Bonus )

2018 https// /be your own home boss work home


Stools and Bar

Stools and bar are used in place of an office room

Most people today, uses whatever space that makes it

convience to use as an office space, this have been known

to work out just fine, especially people that have the privilege

of owing two kitchens. Take notice to all of the space, and floor

area. There are lots of cabinets that can serve as storage area

for supplies, storing electronics away and for filing necessary

papers and documents. I can choose this office space over any

space, because I don’t like to be crowed in.



In This Article:

  • Stools & Bar
  • Large Furniture
  • Carpet
  • Paint
  • Wallpaper
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Table
  • Electronics
  • Chairs
  • Book Stands
  • Hard Wood
  • Plants
  • Mirrors
  • Lights
  • Supplies
  • Throw Rugs
  • Sofa Chair
  • Wall Pictures

Large Furniture

Large furniture can be tricky, so you must try and not fill your space

up with many large pieces.

Here are a list of large furniture that will

not fit well in a small office space

  • Large Sofa and Love Seats
  • large Recliner
  • Huge Executive desk
  • Tripe book stands
  • Large Table lamps
  • Tall floor lamps
  • Large seating office chairs

Now its okay to suite your office space with large items, but I

suggest you to be selective in choosing around two large pieces

in a small office space.

This way you will not only be conserving space but you will also have

less to lift when time for spring cleaning.




Tables have been serving the place of an office desk for years, and it

still serves a good purpose for some office setups. If you have space

for it that is fine,


Hard Wood

Wooden floors are a living piece of art that you can transform to any style

you like. Wooden floors can easily match up with any decor. So you don’t

have to shy away from the wood work. ( I took an old wooden floor

restore, and revive its finishing s to satisfy my taste.





There are many ways to arrange your electronic’s. Since most people

process many types, your space can easily get congested and cluttered.

Choosing the right desk or work station will help resolve this situation in

minutes. Have fun and organize your space.




Window works are the thing today! It is a trend that is here to stay!

Most home-owners are looking for that house where they can bring the

outdoors inside. (Design On A Dime )

Since I am a nature and adventurous person, I really enjoy creating the

appeal in doors. This can easily be done by adding a large picture

window or adding an extra patio area that is filled with large glass. This

scene brings in lots of sunshine and daylight at the proper time of the

year. This area can be transpired into an open office space. Some people

use their garage to great this kind of space.



Chairs are need in every office space. If you are a very entertaining person,

then you need chairs. So the amount of chairs you choose for your space

is up to you. ( Small Office Chair Review)


Your walls are their first impression! So don’t b afraid to step out of your comfort

zone. Colors and paints are everywhere. Our children colors of a rainbow in

kindergarten. You can make your walls pop by using your creative decorative

power to do so.

Colors not only have the ability to transform the interiors of your walls. A little hue

with color from the heart is so pleasurable. As you fulfill your desire to create that

space, feel comfortable to expose the lasting and dramatic finishing of you walls.

Be sure to choose a paint that really complements. If you are using wallpaper,

select a paint either lighter or darker. The extra vibrant brightness will certainly


(Decor Walls / Creative office Space Ideas )


Hanging wall paper is a fun and exciting task. Choosing the right prints

or pattern to match your decor can be rewarding when the task is complete.

Most importantly, creative designs with wall paper is great for those who love

and live a bright cheery life.

The least worry you will have is painting often. Wallpaper seem to last for years

and years, until you want a change in the space and pattern. Other than that

Wallpaper is the way to go. /wallcovering



Book Shelves

Every office space can use a bookcase or two, I never go without one.

Shelves are a great space saver. When organized right, it add that

imperative look of an executive suite.

Organizing your book shelf takes time to create that office look, and you

definitely don’t want that appeal of a junk cluttered space with no focal

point at all. You can arrange them by colors, size, and width, and leaving

space for adding a picture or vase to set the tone.

Wall Mirrors

A mirror on your office wall can add that feel of openess and spaciousness.

If you are fighting for extra space, then, mirrors are a great choice for your walls.

I used at least one medium large mirror to accent an area that might near a

little accent to get that appeal. I think mirrors are great to have for people to

look at their apperance when they first enter my office. Other than that mirrors

have been around room ancient of days.


Adding life to your space can make that area feels like the outdoors

experience on a nice spring day in April. There are several ways to make

your office stand out!

If you are planning to use floor plants, then, the amount of plants must be

considered. Now ask yourself, how many large floor plants is enough? Of

course, it depends upon the size and room space available. You don;t want

to over crowd your small space with tons of plants that does’nt speak to you.

Now let’s see where can we place theses plants as to add a statement to the


Here are a few places that make so much sense. A table, window sill, and the

floor will serve as a great place and prehaps a good scene and vocal point.

Wall Pictures

Wall pictures,mirrors and packs add color and texture to the walls and some

pictures makes the wall pop. Some picture can draw your walls and

some can widen the area..( Design My Office Space )

I like hanging more that one or two look alike. Amagine hanging 3 pictures

that are about a 12’12 in width and length. All three have the same design

but present a different message.

Now if you are dealing with very small room space, this design will not work.

maybe, smaller in size and perhaps, just hanging two instead of three may

work best in that case.

Be selective when choosing the right pictures for your small walls

Floor Carpet

To be created, you need to be surrounded around the things you love. Drawing inspiration

from tradition influences is a great choice of combined patterns. (1010 rugs are

traditional, and they have been around since the medevial day. Throw rugs are commonly use

in different areas of the house.

Throw rugs should be choosing with care, as some can be a nusiance. Some issues I’ve with

them are that they move out of place, and this can really get out of order. I enjoy order, so

throw rugs just won’t work for me. But for those that know how to make them work, good ridden

to you. Anyway you can do a lot with them if you don’t mind shaking and placing them all day.



Throw Rugs

Cramped Office Space

See: (Declutter Tips Ideas )


Office Desk

There’s nothing better than a desk that is large enough, and not to small.

Today, people are buying workstations to use for working on instead of

sitting down at a desk all day. Setting your desk up like the one above is okay

it will work, but I like having a work station to put my computer, printer, phone

and a few books on it. (Home office Desk furniture )(Home office Desk furniture )

Leaving me with a clearer space on my desk, with only a clock, small plant and

my note pad and cellphone.



Doors plays an integral part in most office space today!

Some may have one or two doors, and some don’t even have a

door nor window. Actually doors are something that only service for

your privacy, and that’s it. Other than than you reall don;t need one.

Today everything is about openness.

Ceiling Light

Designing and decorating your small office designs layout ideas means a lot

Choosing th right lights are something that you must do to set-up your creative

ideas and style. making the best decision ever is all that really matter, and you’re

looking to purchase ceiling lights on sale or those that are not, but at a great price.

Creating an office space, a magical place filled with plenty of good lighting, and have

convention to nature (Ferguson).

Office Supplies

Supplies, Suplies, we need this stuff, and without it our office is incomplete.

As long as you can store your supplies in an orderly way, will work out





Article By: Louisa Barzey

Website: https://



Everything you need to know is right here. 20 Things To Remember

when declorating Small Office Spaces.



Build An Affiliate Home System On A Budget

Build Affiliate Home System On A Budget

How To Build Your Wealthy Affiliate

 System On A Budget In Minutes

Best Place To Retire On A Budget /Way To Live On A Budget

Build Affiliate Home System On A Budget / How To Build Your Wealthy Affiliate

System on A Budget In Minutes

2018* How To Be Your Own Home Boss Work Home /

How To propose On a Budget / Way To Live comfort On A Budget / How To Advertise On A Budget

From Stratch_On A Budget_From Trash To Treasure/ Wealth System Secrets /Pointers /Tips /

Ideas /Stratgies />>> LEARN MORE>>>> Wealthy Affiliate




Work Home Business is the trend in the 21st Century. How to build Your Wealthy Afilliate

System On A Budget has gotten better. Since the Eighties, people nationwide have joined

the bandwagon where millions are becoming productive by owning and running their own

homebased business on a budget.


Actually, this is a trend that is progressing in leaps and bounds everyday!  By 2029 people will

be owners of their own franchise or ecommerce store online and offline. It’s expected to be

about 80%  of people will have joined this fast and luracutive growth.


In this article I am covering basic grounds that soon will be our future Universe of Fast Robotic

Technology. I personally don’t perdict the future outcome, but it’s obvious to see ahead of what’s

to come, and what will be for our next generation to come.


In This Article you will learn how to build a  Affiliate Office System on A budget in Minutes.

Included In Article:

  • Getting Started
  • 8 Things To Do
  • Budget
  • Where To Find Discounts
  • Trash To Treasure On A budget
  • What You Need To Get Started
  • Setting Up Your System

Trends Of Today:

  • Pointers
  • Tips
  • ideas
  • Stratgies

The Outcome:

In 2015 I had started writing on a publication about “Shopping On A Budget for

Your Home Business.” So what I’m writing today is a finishing up of where I left off at

and it Begin’s Here!

Back in the day I made thrift and discount shopping a hobbie, not knowing that it was

a niche. Today Niche Ideas has become a house hold name for home businesses

Then it was not thought of as a lucrative idea or Niche. Actually, Niche was not in my

vocabulary.  But during those days was into thrifty items like Authentic wall pictures

and wall art.  There were times when I would go shopping around at these discount

stores and end up finding an item that was so much worth in value.


Weep The Benefits:

Budgeting on a dime is not so easy these days as it was then. But it’s never to late to

get started.

Get Started

Set aside a cash fund to purchase items that you will need to finish this project.

You will need to purchase things like:

  • Electronic’s
  • Office furniture
  • Equipment
  • Supplies
  • Services

8 Things To Do

  1. Check out where the special are for that day.
  2. Make sure to find out where to go find cheap stuff.
  3. Ask questions! Knowbody i sn’t going to tell you anything if you don’t ask.
  4. Plan to spent 2 or 3 hour’s shopping around, until you have mastered the trade.
  5. At some stores ther are great things happening. Look for the signs.

Most people have learned that shopping at discount stores is the best way to save

and stay on a budget. So finding the right item at the right time is key, but you must

be prepared to be patience.

Once you get started setting up your system, you will find that this task is consuming

but is worth it in the long run.

  • Observation: When you find the store yu want to shop at, observe the store surroundings

read poster boards and signs that are saturated through the store.

  • Some days are like a treasure hunt. look for the 50% discount items, in some store you get

an ertra 50% off.of tcketed items.

  • Be assertive: Make an early start, because the early bird catches the best bargain.
  • Check Store Directory: check out the store hours. Some store hour do vary.
  • Be comfortable: Wear the right shoes and comfortable clothes
  • Be Positive: Always have a purpose for discount and thrift sjopping.


The budget:

The amount you set for a budget is much to be consider for setting up your system.

Creating a lurative home business through the Wealthy Affiliate Program is one of the

most economical ways to get started on a budget. It cost pennies to Get Started! But

the end results can be rewarding. Click: The Link and Learn How!

My main question is: how To Build Your Affiliate System on a Budget_from stratch

_on a fixed budget_from Trash_To Treasure?

Why Do I need An Affiliate System set-up?

In this article, all of the above is to be considered.

Where To Find Discounts On A Budget

The list is one of my favorites filled with great places to go an get the things

you will need, and anyone can get started somewhere. It is essential for you

to build up a system with what ever budget you have. If it’s no budget, then,

you still are in good hands, because at Affiliate, anybody with the

smallest budget can get started to day!  Affiliate.

  • Dollar Stores
  • Office Max
  • Goodwill Stores
  • Saver’s
  • Walmart
  • Sam clubs
  • Target’s

Trash To Treasure on A Budget

Story 1

“A woman who bought a $30 painting worth 12 million dollars.”

One day an employee at a tool-and die company in Indiana

had only $50 on her, this was her budget for the week. She saw

something about the picture that stood out, so bought it from a

thrift store for $30.00 leaving her with $20. After a few days, she

decided to strategically hang the picture up covering up a hole

in the wall that had been bugging her. One day later down in the

year, she needed a few bucks, and the only thing she thought to

do was take that old picture to the get it appraised. To learn that the

the picture she bought was worth 1.2 million.

Millions of people today are making millions from rare, antiques,

pictures books,etc,.So I say this to say that you to can start ffrom trash

to treasure too.

Story 2.

A German student bought a pullout coach for $215 at a Berlin Flea market

She bought it and took it home, after spending a couple of hours to find

someone to transport the sofa home. It cost her twent dollars for getting it

home. Anyway,when she unfolded the sofa, she found a painting inside of it

worth 100 times the amount she paid for it.

Shopping at thrifty, flea markets, and discount stories, moving sales, can mean

millions of dollars for you. You never know when and how the fortune will be fall you.


What You Need To Get Started

Here are six things you need to get started!

  1. A time frame set that you can go out seeking for the best store to shop at.
  2. Follow some of the tips above before getting started.
  3. Plan to stay in a store for about two or three hours.
  4. You’re need a few dollars on you based on you budget
  5. Dress comfortably.
  6. Take a cell phone for taking pictures of dates, artist, maker, items, etc,.

Setting Up Your System

In five simple steps:

  • Finding the right item or product at the right time is key.
  • Money and Income tax Files.
  • Build wealth and Income.
  • Create wealth your current income
  • Create wealth Treasure and Income Filing.

Build An Affiliate System:

Get Started Today! Build your success dream site in a

few mintues, and you’re done. Learn How to grow your

system through the use of some awesome tools and

great lessons. Read A review NOW!



Thank you for building your Affiliate System On a budget.

Need help! Just send me a mail.


Blogger; Louisa Barzey




Grace Murano, 8/25/2009





Varidesk Standing Desk/Sit-Stand Workstation

Varidesk Standing Desk/ Sit-Stand

Workstation/ Review

Looking for that perfect desk for your small office space?

Varidesk Sit/Stand portable desk is a perfect fit for

any office space. Take a look at the large selections and

styles to meet your office needs.

Varidesk Standing. Desk Height Adjustable Sit-Stand Workstation

How to be your own boss Work Home/https://crypto-homebossceo/ HBC Plubishing

Home Office Small Space 2018/ Product Review.


Varidesk is a dual standing/sit adjustable desk that is very easy to set-up and

use right away. There are no assembly required. Just take it out of the box

with ease and place it rights on top of your existing desk. Suffering from lower

back pain, well this is the right choice for your posture and lumbar area. You

get several benefits from Varidesk.

There are many selections to choose from, and many stores carry this product.

Most people are ordering online without a problem, so you are in great hands

when you Shop for Varidesk.

Height-Adjustable Standing Desk for Cubicles - VARIDESK Cube Corner 36     *VERIDESK CUBIC CORNER*


Product Name:

Varidesk Standing Desk/ Height Adjustable Sit-Stank Workstation

Product Price:

Price May Vary! ,The price for this product may vary, at different

stores. Look around,and find the price that is right for you.


This product is highly ranked with many views.

4 1/2 stars



About the Product:

This desk is a black standing Desk is a simple sit-stand

Workstation. It is designed to help improve posture, energy

Level and productivity. “Varidesk will change the way you

work! Allows you to work comfortably from either a sitting

or standing position.

The adjustable height converter makes it easy to quickly switch

between sitting and standing for healthy…


Product Specifications:

Approved by London Spine Clinic

This desk was first available in UK, now available in the US

Desk have new recently and approved mechanism! This stand up office

Desk adjust from sitting to standing position in seconds, with the spring- assisted

hand levers.

Its robust design can hold two computers, monitors and laptops up to 88lbs (40 kg )

on top shelf and 11lbs. (5kg) on keyboard tray and the large surface area can hold more.

The top of Th desk is 31.75 in length and 20.5″ deep

Height Adjustable stand up desk moves from 6.5 inches

(165mm)-163 inches(165mm) 16.3 inches (145mm).

The base is 24.6 inches deep and 31.9 inches in length


The standing desk is shipped fully assembled and ready to use.

Free Shipping.

Can convert any desk into an ergonomic work station and sits

directly on to of your existing table.

Money Back Policy in place/ No-risk 30 day guarantees makes

it easy to see just how fast and simple it into make the switch

to Varidesk sit-stand desk solutions

Strong and sustainable material for long time use. Easy to

move around and setup almost anywhere. There are no

complicated instructions and no tools required.

If you live in the 48 states and you’re not happy with your

VARIDESK within 30 days, simply give them a call and they’ll

pick it up for free!

Satisfaction Guaranteed: Freeshipping and Free Returns

Sturdy and Stable, even when extended.



Below are a few thoughts others had to say about the Adjustable

Standing Desk-Cubicles.

  • Initial lift at the wrong angle
  • if they would automate it would be better
  • Maybe they got bad parts for a bunch of them
  • I was delivered 4 different desks and had to return them
  • The power assist wouldn’t work once  monitors were on the table
  • It was very disappointing

My Thought:

My Personal Thought From Owing an adjustable standing Desk Cubicles.

The cons are very few; Most shoppers today are looking for the trend

style and quality in a desk or workstation, this desk meets the qualification

to satisfy anyone’s curiosity.  I bought it from a thrift  shop, and have used my

desk for almost two years in July 2018.

For a used item, and a very reasonable discounted price, I think My Varidesk

still have some more good wear to go, and is still very durable and is

sustaining very well.


There are many cons out there, and they are the ones that are never

happy, and will find problems with a good product, but this is one they

won’t find any problems with.


Product Overview:

The sit or stand Vardesk allows you to move through your day so

you’re never locked into one position. No Assembly is required. It come

fully assembled and ready to use. Another good quality about VariDesk

Standing/sit workstation is that there are many styles to choose from.

This product comes with a warranty.

  • Varidesk Pro 30 Standing Desk
  • Varidesk Pro desk 60 full Size Standing desk
  • Varidesk Cube Corner 48 inch
  • Varidesk Pro 36 Standing Desk
  • Varidesk Pro Plus 48 Standing Desk
  • Varidesk Prodesk 60 Electric

Products Available:

  • Sit-Stand Converters
  • Desks and Tables
  • Seating & Storage
  • Accessories

Most certainly you will find the desk of your

choice from your Varidesk!


My opinion about this desk is economical. I purchased my Varidesk

years ago, and still using it, but have since upgrade it to the newest Varidesk

Cube Corner version. It is a great fit for my small office space, and I still have

room for the old one, so the both are serving a great purpose, as I continue to

organize my small office space.

I love the Cubicle so much because it is designed to maximize my small office

space. Not only that, it also maximizes my productivity and comfort while working.

The Cube Plus and Cube Corner desktop riser models give me a generously

wide working space that allows me to work sitting or standing with less back


Looking to find the right fit for your desk. VARIDESK is the thing!

Who Will Buy This Product?

Since this desk is so versatile, young and older folks have purchased this desk.

Especially people that are looking to create more space in their small home office.

There are people that have bad backs and suffer with pain every day, so this is the

best solution for those people as well.


  • www.relaxtheback,com/desks
  • www,the human
  • www.up


Louisa Barzey /Blogger



Contact Varidesk




7:00a.m.-7:00 p.m. (CST)





7:00 a.m. -7:00 p.m. (CST




1800 827 433

Monday- Friday

8:00 a.m. -5:00 p.m. (AEST)




020 3808 5398

Monday- Friday

7:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. (GMT)




The adjustable workstation is easy to set up and start

Using it right away. Whether you’re sitting or standing, it’s

Stability and functionality is remarkable. All the styles has high ratings

with 4/5 stars. I will be happy to refer many more people to check out

the Varidesk.products/desks/workstations.

Declutter Tips Ideas: Office / April Article / Bonus


Declutter Tips Ideas

20 Essentials that will help you keep it on point! (Bonus)

April 2018 Article

For Home Office Space

How to Declutter My Small Home Office Space?

Be Your Own Boss Work Home /2018 /

How To Declutter My Life /Declutter Tips ideas /Small Office Space Organizer



office space


Declutter Tips Ideas: April Article

In This Article

  • How To Declut The Declutter Home Office Space
  • Organize Small Space
  • 20 Essential Ways to Get your Small Office Organized
  • Things You Need
  • Declutter Tips Ideas

Even the smallest space can be created into a whimsical home work place.

Did you know that your home office space is an ongoing laboratory that is never

done? Crate & Barrel

How many times have you attempted to Declut your office space and just gave up

because you became annoyed?

(See March Article)

12 Reasons To Create A New Office Appeal Every Month

Here are Two questions to ask yourself.

  1. What inspires your interior mood?
  2. What mood do you want to achieve this month?

Spring is in the air, a great time to spring out and Declut your office space. Perhaps

you are trying to declutter your space but don’t know where to start. Well join the many

of people that faces this situation every day. Design Or you may be trying to find a working

solution to the problem. Are you trying to find ways to keep your work area from cramping

You’re decorating style.


How To Declut The Declutter Home Office Space?

Declutter your small or large office space is a huge task, but can be done on a budget

and finished in little of no time if done correctly. Go Here!


Start with your filing system:

  1. Thin out your filing system by assorting and separate your business and home personal files
  2. Start out with either, boxes, crates or plastic storage box.
  3. Label the containers you will be using
  4. , don’t have sufficient amount of filing containers. Go to your discount stores and get them for a dollar.

Give rid of old letters, bills, papers that are dated back to 2013. Put them in a box’s for later to be

Threaded. Biscon Office


Some great stores to find cheap office supply stuff:

  • Saver’s
  • Goodwill
  • Thrift Stores
  • Staples
  • Office Depot
  • Big Lot
  • Dollar Stores

All the places listed are great places to shop for discounted filing supplies.

There are times when I found containers and folders for one dollar.




A List of Things You Need

  • Manilla file folders or colorful ones
  • Paper clips
  • Sticky’s
  • Stackable trays
  • Containers

Organize Small Office Space

Why save unopened envelopes?

Open all envelopes, put them in a container to be sneered up. Now label about 20

folders or more for filing important documents. Shuffle through all of your loose mail

and flatten them out, if it’s a junk mail just put it in a container to be shredded for later.


, don’t have a file cabinet, just use the containers mentioned above. Expandable folders

are great t have depending on how much filing away you have. Keeping a filing system that

Is function able makes a big difference, especially, if you are working at home. when you’re working

at home, you must maintain more than one filing system; One for home, business, and school.




20 Essential Ways To Get Your Small Office Organized

Every entrepreneur goes through a period of disorganization. This is a typical norm. Now we are

going to resolve this madness, in a few simple steps. Create Home Office Small Spaces

Here are 20 Essentials that will help you keep it on point.


  1. Write a-to-do-list. This is key element to keeping up with the fast pace of time.
  2. Multi-Task Many times you do fall behind when doing chores because the time is just there
  3. Follow-Up-List: I find that its good idea to make a-follow-up up list of things, people and appoints.
  4. Put things back where it belongs. How often do you remove things and don’t put it back where it belongs
  5. Organize your schedule together and the unimportant things together.
  6. Organize your trips for shopping on your list-to-do
  7. Answer your mail daily. Set aside a time to get this done
  8. Limit how long you stay on personal phone calls.
  9. Get Creative- Try using household empty containers for organizing your paper work stuff
  10. Labels are essential. These works very well for files and containers.
  11. Trays-Make a mail-going out and mail coming-in for mails and packages.
  12. Racks- Coat racks work wondrous.
  13. Blog- Set aside more time to write what works for you.
  14. Make a list of phone calls to return, importance first.
  15. Keep a calendar or Date book available on your desk
  16. Paper Shredder- Use a shredder to diminish all papers and important that are not important
  17. Appointments- Try to schedule only one per day, no more than one on the same day.
  18. Use stack able trays to sort out pens, pencils, paper clips, tacks and stable., etc.
  19. Discord incoming mails that are junk weekly.
  20. Four ring binders-They are great for filing a Multiple of documents in.

Chairs & desk


Recycling items to use with your cluttering during the process. I find that the trays that you

assort your utensils; spoons and forks in are great for putting, pens, pencils, paper clips,

tacks and other small supplies. Wealthy Affiliate Review

Now, after you have completed this task, just slide this tray into a desk drawer.

Keeping a to-do list is the key element to keeping up with the fast pace of time.

Book shelves are great for organizing books, videos, cassettes on. Shelves will

serve a great place for all of your books instead of boxes. A good idea for finding a stand

or shelf can be found at the thrift stores, then refurbish it. Now arrange all your books

accordingly,. Coat racks are a great idea for your cramped office space. , like many

of us you find yourself throwing your coats, hats and gloves on a chair or desk. This

only makes your space looks more cluttered.


Trays can serve for many purposes in you office space. Use two; one for going-out mail

and one for coming-In mail. When I find a moment to unwind, this is a great time to blog

I try to blog each day the same time, but if you have a fluctuating schedule, this is quite

impossible because people schedule do vary. As I earlier about answering

your mail daily. I set aside a time to get this done. What normally works for me is to make

a habit to answer your email, and/or mail at the same time every day. Another thing is

that I used to find myself spending an offer amount of time on non important calls to long.

The time wasted could be used to declutter my office space.

DeClutter Tips Ideas

  • To stay organized, make it a habit to put things right back where it belongs. Doing
  • this is also good for your forgetfulness.
  • Shoe boxes are great for holding items like index cards, pen, pencils,
  • Empty Milk are used for creating files for holding folders.

Four Ring Binders

Binders are a great way to file a multiple of single files; such as,

  1. Utility Bills
  2. Important Documents
  3. Medical Information and Files of each family members
  4. Home & mortgage Info.
  5. Spouse Individual Files
  6. Children Individual Files

Label all of your binders that you want, and set-up using the examples above

These can be labeled and lined on a shelf with the books



Declutter / July 06, 2017

“Start by unclutting your mind and surrounding. Did you know

that most of your stress is caused by your own selfish hoarding

of excess junk, trash, and mind waste. Get rid of it, be simple,

be free! We need to be learn to appreciate space, emptiness

and simplicity.”

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