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How To Spring Clean Your Small Office Space


How To Spring Clean Your Small Office Space

Spring Tips Ideas/ How to Spring Clean

Your Home Office Space

Be Your Own Boss Work Home /2018 /

How To Spring Clean My Life? Setup Home Office Small Space

Organize My Office Space / Design My Office Space Online

8 ways To Clean Your Home Office Space

Spring Cleaning Tips Ideas:

For Home Office

In This Article

  • How To Spring Clean The Home
  • Spring Cleaning Tips Ideas

Even the smallest space can be created in to a whimsical home work place

Did you know that your home office space is an ongoing laboratory that never


How many times have you attempted to Declut your office space and just gave up

because you became annoyed?



12 Reasons to Create A New Office Appeal Every Month

March Article:

Two questions to ask yourself.

  1. What inspires your interior mood?
  2. What mood do you want to achieve this month?

Spring is in the air, a great time to spring out and create your office space. Perhaps

you are trying to clean your space but don’t know where to start. Well join the many

of people that faces this situation every day. Or you may be trying to find a working

solution to the problem. Are you trying to find ways to keep your work area from cramping

Your decorating style. See :Review


How To Spring Clean Your Home Office Space?

Spring Clean your small or large office space is a huge task, but can be done on a budget

and finished in little of no time if done correctly. Go Here!


Start with your filing system:

  1. Thin out your filing system by assorting and separate your business and home personal files
  2. Start out with either, boxes, crates or plastic storage box.
  3. Label the containers you will be using
  4. If you don’t have sufficient amount of filing containers. Go to your discount stores and get them for a dollar.

Give rid of old letters, bills, papers that are dated back to 2013. Put them in a box’s for later to be

Shredded. My Home Choice


Some great stores to find cheap Office Supplies

  • Saver’s
  • Goodwill
  • Thrift Stores
  • Staples
  • Office Depot
  • Big Lot
  • Dollar Stores

All the places listed are great places to shop for discounted filing supplies.

There are times when I found containers and folders for one dollar.


A List of Things You Need

  • Manilla file folders or colorful ones
  • Paper clips
  • Sticky’s
  • Stackable trays
  • Containers

Cleaning Supplies

  1. Murphy’s Oil
  2. Favor furniture polish
  3. Windex
  4. Fabolos
  5. Dust clothes
  6. Pail
  7. Water
  8. Garbage bags

Organize Small Office Space

Why save unopened envelopes.

Open all envelopes, put them in a container to be sneered up. Now label about 20

folders or more for filing important documents. Shuffle through all your loose mail

and flatten them out, if it’s a junk mail just put it in a container to be shredded for later.


If you don’t have a file cabinet, just use the containers mention ed above. Expandable folders

are great t have depending on how much filing away you have. Keeping a filing system that

Is function able makes a big difference, especially, if you are working at home. When working

at home you must maintain more than one filing system; One for home, business, and school.


10 Essential Ways To Get Your Small Office Organized

Every entrepreneur goes through a period of disorganization. This is a typical norm. Now we are

going to resolve this madness, Domus Design

Here are 10 Essentials that will help you keep space on point.

  1. Write a-to-do-list. This is key element to keeping up with the fast pace of time.
  2. Multi-Task Many times you do fall behind when doing chores because the time is just there
  3. Follow-Up-List: I find that its good idea to make a follow-up list
  4. Spring clean once a year.
  5. Get rid of old junk, books, and papers
  6. Hang spring curtains or blinds
  7. Replace old files with new ones
  8. Clean out all desk drawers
  9. Buy a couple of green plants to place around
  10. Paint if needed


Spring Clean My Office Space

Everyone woman wants to maintain her work space, but are you always in a good

mood to keep it together? Well like most of us, the answer is NO! But don’t despair.

It’s obvious to say that we are very busy people, some with family and children,

pets and work outside the home, and holding a full time job. Learn about home base

business here! Review Build your online business ina  few simple steps.


Many folks make enough money to hire a professional cleaning service. That is good

for those that are fortunate. But there are others’s like myself is pinching the dollar to

make ends meet. That route just don’t fix into the household budget.

So for me, i have to take charge and do this myself. Which I have being doing for years.

Years ago, when I first started running my business out of my home and could get a tax break

I kept at it until this day.Make Your Space


There are different strokes s for different folks. We must do what it takes to get the job done.

I start by writing up my plan, and then following through with it. You can do it if you put your

mind to it and follow these steps to aid you along the way.


8 Ways To Super Clean Your Office Space

Giving your office space a super cleaning is about doing the things you do

perhaps once a year. I try to do a super cleaning twice a year, once during

the first week after spring, and again around December, before the snow sets

in. The time may vary with differ climate change, as most people work with the


Since cleaning is a norm in our family, and has been since I was big enough to

clean my own room. I remember how mommy taught me to be clean and stay

organized is still with me until this day.

  1. Write down your plan. How you’re going to get started.
  2. What items you will need; like, cleaning supplies, etc.
  3. How are you going to do this? Will you need help to move furniture?
  4. When is a good time to challenge this task?
  5. If you need to shop for things, do you have a budget set aside for this projects.
  6. How long will it take? Set a time frame
  7. Will you get rid of some old, and bring in some new?
  8. The finish projects. Are you happy with it?




Blogger: Louisa B



Program; Wealth Affiliate




What is the best chair for people with low back Pain



What is the Best Office Chair for low back pain?

When buying the best office Chair for bad back. Follow this guide before buying your first home Office Chair.

Guidelines for Office Chairs/Be Your Own Boss What is the best Office Chair for lower back pain?

2018/ Be Your Own Boss Work Home/Nagging /lower/ persistent Back Pain…Choosing the Right chair is

the answer. Office Chair Lower Back Support.

Wayfairs Ergonomic

First Read this GUIDELINE:

Guidelines for What is the best Office Chair for lower back pain?

There are many types of chairs on the market today, but may not be that best

Chair. So how do you know what is the best chair for your small office space?

Are you a back pain sufferer, well this may be the answer to your question.


What You Should Know Before Buying your New Chair?


  1. LEARN ABOUT Ergonomic Chairs
  2. Find the best office chair with lower back support
  3. Choose the chair that has adjustable lumbar support
  4. What is the best chair for lower back and neck support
  5. Look for the best office chair with great lumbar and great price

  • Chairs comes in different styles, colors and designs and there are certain things you should before

Buying your first Office Chair. Make sure the chair has great thick foam padding. When shopping you

are looking for best office chair with lumbar support.


Office Chair For Lower Back Pain

  • Make sure the chair you’re going to buy has good functionality and durability. You want to check the

weight capacity of the chair you are looking to purchase.

The office chairs adjustable lumbar support. Office Chairs adjustable lumbar support with added cushions

Lumbar support.


  • High Back-Choosing a chair with a high back designed. With a headset.

The best office chair for back and neck support is best because you are
preventing further discomfort in two important areas. Shopping for the best

office chair takes time. Especially if you are ordering online which is okay to do

and just knowing what to look for is even better.


People that are taller should make sure your choice of chair has the right height for your
size. I have seen many people buy a chair that they love for color and style and

ended up unhappy because the size and height of the chair just was the best. So

Make sure that height of the chair is on your list. Higher back or Rest seem to be the best

For those that suffer from a chronic back problem. Program Review


  • Material-Choosing a chair made out of the best material and fabric is also important. There

are several patterns and designs to choose from. When looking for the best chair get the best
Office Chair for back and neck support.


  • tweed
  • Leather
  • Wooden
  • Corduroy
  • Plain


Check the height and weight capacity, it’s best to buy the one that adjust to various

heights to meet the needs for your computer desk. There are many styles of desks and


Get the best office chair to help prevent muscular degeneration!


  • Ergonomic- Look for the Ergonomic office Chair. These chairs are designed for efficiency

comfort in your home working environment .Blitz
The best chair on the market is the Ergonomic Office Chairs lower Back Pain. Some chairs

Just don’t support two areas that are very essential to our physical health. The ergonomic

Chair is great for lower back support.

Human factors & Ergonomics

Finding the best. Ergonomic chair for lumbar support is one of the most important factors

Ergonomic comfort and designs.

How can we best define ergonomics: Most people don’t know it’s true meaning as well as not

Knowing the functions. (Wikipedia) best describe it as” Human factors and ergonomics. Known

as comfort design, functional design, and systems, the practice of designing product systems or

Processes to take proper account of the interaction between them and the people who use them.”


The best office chair for back and neck support can be bought at Wayfair Ergonomic

Wayfair Ergonomic

  • Productivity & Specifications- quality and security of all accessories have passed a Strict

Quality Test. Iron Series chairs are manufactured under struck quality standards.
Lumbar support chair

Guide lines To Follow Before buying your First office Chair.

  • Description & Specifications

Some chairs have a swirl effect, always check this functionality out before buying your first chair.

The big question is, What is the best chair for low back pain?


  • Best Buy Office Chairs
  • Wayfair Office Chairs
  • Office Furniture USA INC.
  • Biz
  • Chairs

Protection Plan-Most office furniture store offer an additional

Protection plan (some offers a one or a five year plan, and comes with several options.

Return Policy- Check to see if there is a Return Policy in Place.

  • Other functionalities- Some chairs do have Ressurized Lumbar Support knobs.


  • Andrew
  • My house .com
  • Cage design

Suggested for the chairs listed below:

  1. Office Chairs
  2. Gaming Office Chairs
  3. Ergonomic Chairs
  4. Regular Gaming Chair
  5. Conventional Chairs
  6. Traditional Chairs

Because designing your home office small space into an ergonomically

sound work place, so our ultimate aim is to help you find the best office chair

for a bad back. We do this by reviewing and studying  people

efficiency in their home work environment.

Most people that run their business out of their home don’t really see the real

benefit for creating your home office and buying the best office chair. There are several factors why

this is important.

  • Comfort
  • Occupational Safety
  • Functionality and design
  • User Experience
  • Sustainability
  • Innovation


Gaming Chairs Office Chairs for bad back.


  • Look for adult gaming. Chair that are made with Ergonomic materials
  • The office gaming chair that are adjustable with lumbar support
  • Buy the best gaming Chair for back and neck support
  • Look for the best office chair for bad back.


Ergonomic Human Factors Terms to know

  1. Technology
  2. Innovation
  3. Physiology
  4. Anatomy
  5. Communication
  6. Accounting
  7. Aesthetics
  8. Mechanisms
  9. Ecologically
  10. Logistical
  11. Human Resources
  12. Perception
  13. Automation
  14. Epidemiology
  15. Human Computers

Musculoskeletal Disorders is the study of the human back and lumbar areas.

Learn more:



Other Source:


More Resource & Contact:

Louisa Barzey /Blogger/Reviewer






Video Gaming Chair, Ficmax Ergonomic High-back Large Size Chair

Video Gaming Chair Review

How To Be our own Boss Work Home/ https//

2018/ Video Gaming Chair Review/Small OfficeSpace

Looking for that comfortable Gaming Chair for that family office

space. Well Look Here! Ficmax Ergonomic High -Back Large Size

Chair. Below, is an honest an accurate review for your convenience.


Video Gaming Chair Ficmax Ergronomic High-Back large Size Chair

How To Be Your own Boss Work Home/

2018/ Small office Space/ Video Gaming Chair Ficmax Ergronomic High

Back Large Chair

Product Name

Ficmax Ergonomic High-Back Large Size Chair



Price May Vary


3 and 1/2 stars

Owner: (s)



Louisa B

Production Description:

The Ficmax Ergonomic High-back Large size Office Desk Chair

Is known for it Swivel effect. This chair comes in black. A great

PC gaming chair with Lumbar Massage Support and Retractable

footrest. An awesome chair for use by the entire family, especially

the gamer in the house. This gaming chair have some great qualities

One it is comfortable to use, it’s high back is adjustable to seat children

and adults.



Product Overview:

I find this chair to be a great chair for my small office space, and it

sits well at almost any desk. The price is great as opposed to other

chairs speculated. This gaming chair can fit well in the family room

or a den. It is easily matched up with other furniture. Easy to clean!

Comes with a massage support and Retra.

Product Specification:

Some specifications I found outstanding is that it has double comfort

This Ergonomic design with free USB electric Massage headrest, pillow &

Lumbar cushions. The arm rest are made with thicker armrest with ergonomic

shape, come in a larger size seat and cushion, the chair is wide, and comes in

black, with an adjustable footrest. Build Your Own Office Space

Gamer Chair


This Ergonom comes made with good quality material. The leather is high

quality PU leather, easily cleaned, and fade resistant, high-density thicker sponge

(high resilience and high


Lifetime warranty on frame, with a 12-month warranty on parts.

Any disatisfaction with our products or service, please contact the

maker or company to resolve it.

Free replacement or money back for any reason within 30 days.Cons:

These are the speculator that don’t want to spend a little money on a

great chair like this one.


Those are the speculators who don’t won’t to pay a good price

for a great products

There are no negative views about this product!


I will refer this chair to interesting customers. I think that this is a great

chair for an office space. I like it because of the high support back and

cushions for that added support on the back. There is a warranty and return

policy in place.


Reviewer: Louisa Barzey


Program: Wealthy Affiliate

Date: 2018



Looking for a great gaming or office chair, see

Ficmax to see the rest of their large selection

of gaming Chair. Second-Best-Fashion



Ficmax Ergonomic High-back Large Size Office Desk Chair Swivel Black PC Gaming Chair with Lumbar Massage Support and Retractible Footrest

This item Ficmax Ergonomic High-back Large Size Office Desk Chair Swivel Black PC Gaming Chair with Lumbar Massage Support and Retra


Multi-function with 360 degree swivel, 90 to 180 degree backwards

movement, and smooth armrest and sea height adjustment, moveable

headrest pillow and lumbar cushion, all to make an ideal seat for any

Small Office Space( )


Ficmax Ergonomic High-back Large Size Office Desk Chair Swivel Black PC Gaming Chair with Lumbar Massage Support and Retractible Footrest

This item Ficmax Ergonomic High-back Large Size Office Desk Chair Swivel Black PC Gaming Chair with Lumbar Massage Support and Retra

Ficmax Ergonomic High-back Large Size Office Desk Chair Swivel Black PC Gaming Chair with Lumbar Massage Support and Retractible Footrest

This item Ficmax Ergonomic High-back Large Size Office Desk Chair Swivel Black PC Gaming Chair with Lumbar Massage Support and Retra

  • High-back
  • Large Size
  • Office Desk Chair
  • Swivel Black
  • PC gaming Chair
  • lumbar Massage Support/Retra




Lumen5 The Next Best Video Creator


The Next Best Video Creator!

Become A Video Creator Today!

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video maker

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Now! You can just download the video and post it on Facebook

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Have you always wanted to be seen on YouTube, or just get your business out there more effectively. Then, Look no more!


Lumen5 Is Here!


“Did you know than Lumen5 is loved by brands and businesses, especially

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How to Create A Video with Lumen5 ?

Create A Lumen5 Video In Just 4 Simple Steps.

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Thanks to Lumen5

10 Unique Ways To Organize Small Office Space (March Article)

10 Unique Ways To Organize

Small Office Space

Be Your Own Home Boss Work Home /

10 Ways To Organize Small Office Space/2018

Have you been thinking of ways to organize your small office space

But jut didn’t know how to start?

Here are 10 unique ways to get it done, and on a budget. Keep

Reading and find Out how you to can organize your small office space.


10 Ways To Organize Small Office Space

Now Let’s get started!

Step One

The first thing you want to do in this process, is write down your goals

for this project. Writing down or drawing out a plan will make the organizing

process go perfectly right!

In this phase, we want to build upon confidence, without it is like guiding a

blind horse to drink from a dry well.

Ask yourself, what do you want to accomplish from this project?

Knowing what you want to accomplish is your first realistic goal. So defining

what you want need to be included in your plan.

Here are a couple of points to remember:

  • What do you want this change to say are prove to other’s, or just yourself?
  • How are you going to get it done, and how much time it will take?
  • When do you want to get started with this project
  • Where are you going to shop at to get the items you will need?
  • Who will assist you in getting it done?

Step Two

What do you want this change to say are prove to other’s, or just yourself?

A statement is what your want to focus on at this point, A statement only means

an expression or a theme or a purpose.

In my analogy, I choose to ask this question, because most people want a change

in their office space, but don’t have any idea of what their statement purpose is.

I have made it very easy, perhaps simplified it so you can work at ease without

frustration. Small office Design Ideas

By now, you have come up with what your intentions are, I assume that you have

pen and paper to help make this project goes smoothly. Next, we want to write down

How you are going to get this done, and how long it will take?

We all have very tight daily and night schedule, meaning, our time is just not there,

so we are scrabbling for time.

Anyway, this is the reason to have a realistic plan in place.

Here are a few steps to keep in mind:

  • Decide upon how you are going to get this done? Write it down
  • A time frame will definitely be a great start! Set the time frame you expect to start
  • Then you want to set a start, and a finish time frame, be realistic
  • Be prepared to have set backs, because we are living on borrowed time


Step Three

When do you want to get this done?

Some people enjoy creating, organizing and fixing things around the house around

springtime. I personally, set my time to create and organize my home during this time

of the year, because, the cold weather has gone, the sun is shinning, and the wind is

blowing. These are the aspects that find, motivates me more to get the task done.

Here are a few points to Remember:

  • Choose days, weekends, or when ever that fits your schedule
  • Select the time of day that will work best for getting things done
  • Choose if you will work on this project during the day or Night! Be Specific.

Step Four: 


When Do you want to get started on this project?

There are 12 months in a year, so you do have some great space to work with.

You might want to plan this over a whole year. Well, that time is better than any.

Like I have mention before that your time is valuable and everybody have a very

sufficient about of other plans and schedules to be obligated for.

Time is the essence for everyone, so choose wisely.

Step Five

Where are you going to shop at to get the items you will need?

Knowing where you are going will save you allots of dollars and you will

know exactly where to go when you leave your home without having to

wonder and to figure it all out.Fendi (ASA) This need to be included into your plan as


If you are like most of us, you will probably have all the tools and items you

will need to get this done. So a working inventory is a very smart move.

Here are a few pointers to help you along the way:

  • Check out the stores that you will need to go to for products
  • List at least five places to start, Some you may not even need
  • To save you gas and time, use the internet
  • Choose from a variety of places, including, retails, wholesalers and Bargain Centers


Step Six

Who will assist you in getting this task done?

Depending on the amount of work involved in this project, you may need and assistant

or you may need to hire family members to help out if any. When I set out to create my office

space, I plan it accordingly, I just take on enough and save the rest for later. What

works for some may not work well for others.

Make sure you choose wisely, and work efficiently. By following through with a thorough

plan will help make your job go smoothly.

Step Seven

Now that you have your plan all sorted out and ready to be challenged, means

that you home work has been done! In any task or project in any form needs to be

detailed and specific, and of course, realistic if you want to seriously achieve your home

office organizing project.

Here are a few points to Remember:

  • Make sure to have all the items and products handy for this project
  • When working on this project, you want to be very organized, Be considerate for others
  • Be vigilant and ready to challenge this task
  • If something doesn’t work out like you expected it to, just start over again!

Step Eight

Whether you are working on Small Office design Ideas, Small Office Furniture

layout, or dealing with compact Office FurnitureSmall Spaces. Make sure you have

a working plan to getting the job done right.Make Your Space

Work smart, and not hard is the key!

small ideas


Step Nine

Rest is essential!

Take short breaks in between time, you don’t want to tire out before the project

is complete.

Step Ten

Work The Plan and The Plan Will Work For You!

There have been numerous of times that I set out to do a home project

and before I could get through the first step, I have given up and left the project

But until I learned that with any endeavor in life there should be a plan or goals in place

if not your plan will fail every time.Lushome.Lushome

I hope that this little organizing plan will help you in achieving

your desired goal.


Date Published: 3/12/2018

Article By: Louisa Barzey


Other Sites:


Program: Wealthy Affiliate










12 Extraordinary Ways To Create A New Office Appeal

 8 of 12 Extraordinary Ways To Create A New

office Appeal Every Month

In Less Than Ten Minutes.

Be Your Own Home Boss Work Home/crypto

2018 Article By: Louisa Barzey


Month of January appeal

There are 12 months in a given year, so why not create a new appeal once a  month to your small office space!

Sunny Bliss Appeal

The month of January is the coldest month in the year. What came to mind

is “Sunny Bliss Appeal” This is the month that

seems to be the coldest. What a great time of the year to have rain, wind and


Giving your small office space a little tiny curve appeal to charm in that focal

point by adding a coat and hat rack for hanging these personal items on gives

your small office space a look of winter time inside. While you at it, Go ahead and

Make a shoe and boot holder directly under the coat rack,this will sure give your

space more winter

Let’s not forget the umbrella’s, you can find any large vase or container, add a smell

Of paint on it will sure be an excellent bonus to that blank space a fine finishing touch.


Month of February Curb Appeal

Smashed Appeal

February is the month that is sweet as a chocolate treat. But don’t forget

that winter is still here, so keep those boots on a little longer, because the

snow is still many feet deep.”Smashed Appeal” This is the time you want to

perk up the desk. Take one of your favorite bowl and add a chocolate treat.

place it at the corner of your desk can definitely be a way to welcome your


Try spreading a little red throughout your space. Add a bowl of fresh

cut carnations or red roses. sit them on a small round table right in

front of you bay window. This will surely bring in a cherry heart and a

swift smell of spring time in February.

This is very simple to do, go ahead and give that small space a new appeal

for the month of February without spending much on a dime. If you have your

Own garden inside, well this is all good.Domusdesign

Month of March Curb Appeal

Whimsically Appeal

Make the most of your natural lighting. Filling your office space with a look of decorative

assorted plants and scrubbed. Springtime is around the corner, and this is the month that

brings nice weather. The grass is much greener than ever before. Lets see how we can quickly

transform your small office space into a cool springy look without spending a dime.Giving your

Small office a look and feel of spring can make your work day a breeze.


This is the month that gives that  whimsical appeal. The birds comes out, and the flowers are all

most in full bloom, the trees standing straight and tall. It’s time to turn that winter appeal into a spring

time look by adding a small fish bowl filled with little gold fish. There is know reason to go out and

spend dollars for. I’m sure you have a lovely punch bowl hidding away, that need to be brought back to

life.Ebizoy Design

Now that your flower garden is in full bloom, why not go out and clip or cut your favorite plant or scrub

and create a fabulous tranuium. Just take a vase and spike it up with your magical touch. Now you can

add this to the corner where the coat rack once sat.




Month of April Curb Appeal

All Courant Appeal

April is the month that puts us on trial. Yes, that all Courant appeal. So let’s come

Up with something cool and simple. The weather has turned very

warm and sunny, this is my time of the year. The fresh lollies are smiling, and of

course, this is the month that brings May flowers. During this time of the year

flowers, plants and scrubs are plentiful. So every week, you can pick them and

create nice table, and desk center piece. If don’t take many, just keep it sweet and


Go ahead and fill your vase with fresh cuttings, and place it in the window.


Month of May Curb Appeal

Authentic Appeal

There are so much to say without delay. What an awesome time to decor your office space

with some summer things will give that Since all of the animals, birds and

bees have come out of their hidding place. Why not bring some of them in to help perk

up your desk. Also, this is the month to bring in the kids.Adding an “Authentic Appeal”


Pull out one of those framed photo of the kids and place them on your desk, by doing this

you will always have them in front of you at all times. Even a framed photo of the family or

individual, what a favorite gathering and merry time right on your office desk.



Animal photos are a great way to bring the jungle and adventure scene

Month Of June Curb Appeal

Theatrically Appeal

This is a great time to give that office a thorough cleaning of your small

office space is indeed on the list.June is here and it came to soon! All we

to do here is gather the tools and supplies we will need to get this job done

within one hour and get to enjoy that “Threatrical Appeal” 

Larger office takes a little longer, so however much time is needed to get the

job done is fine. This is a great time to get this done before  more im-

portant things comes up

.My Home Choice

This should not be a difficult chore, a little motivation will serve a great purpose.

Perhaps changing some pieces around the area will give you another new scene.

Our goal is to get that theatrical appeal. Adding a couple of your favorite art work

will do the job. Just tip your space off with a couple of large floor plants will sure

give you a very theatrically look.

Month of July Curb Appeal

Vintage Appeal

Bright colors can really give you a more lively scene during those very hot summer

months. Now you can solve this issue with a workspace Challenge. There are several

ideas to help you uplift that appeal with a new face lift. “That Vintage Appeal”

Plenty of amp lighting to start with, you can make sure you have the proper lightings

for your small office space  Directory for the Best Small Space Ideas

Maintaining your small office multi-functing desk can be lots of fun. just go with it and

you will have made a world of difference in your own home office.


Month Of August Curb Appeal

Red and White Appeal

12 Reason To Create A New Office Appeal Every month in Less than 10 Minutes

August is a month to gather great decor ideas. I like to incorporate bold colors to

help inspire my small office space. Statement fabrics are great to use when changing

an old chair into a very good looking focal area.”Red and White Appeal”

This you can do on a budget. First check around the home and see what items you

can salvage. I know you can find old straps of materials that you have been holding

for dear life, and nerver got round to using it.

If that doesn’t work, you can visit your old favorite thrift store  and find the right piece

of fabric you are looking for.

Now that you have found the piece of fabric to use, now don’t forget to add a couple of

throw pillows in the project.

Coming Soon!

Look for the next four months of brilliant ideas about 12 ways to create a monthly

Office Appeal in my next Article!


Reviewer: L Barzey

Website: https;//



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Decor Walls/ Creative Office Space Ideas


Decor Walls/ Creative Office Space Ideas

Be Your Own Home Boss Work Home /

2018/ Decor. Walls / Creative Office Space Ideas

Article By: Louisa Barzey


Table 9


In This Article:

  • Decorate my wall ideas
  • Decor Walls
  • Creative Design Office Space
  • Wallpaper or Paint /Create Office Small Space
  • Decorating Accent Walls Ideas
  • Home Walls Decorating Ideas
  • Ideas decorating small walls Ideas


Decorate my wall ideas

Now that the home office small spaces are taking shape, it is now time to

Get very creative with a touch of TLC. To some decorating my office walls ideas

Is the fun part. Of course it do depends on what you want to do with your walls.

There are several things you can do to make you small office wall looks bigger

and there are many things you can do to make your walls looks smaller.

Since we have being working on small office space.then we will

come up with ideas that will work  for your space.

Decor/ Walls

Before  you get started, we need to think about several things towards

our achievement.

For your decor walls on small space.

Let’s Consider these questions:


  • What inspired your creative wall idea?
  • What mood are you trying to achieve at your home office?
  • How are you going to accomplish this goal?
  • Do you have a budget set aside for this project?
  • Will you do this project yourself or hire someone else to do it?
  • How to decorate my walls?

Creative Design Office Space

Another outstanding Decorating Artists,Julia Rothman,Created

wallpapper on ceilings. She say, adding wallpaper to your ceiling create

an eye-catching scene. “wallpaper can make

a big impact on your walls, but it can also, dramatically lift a room when placed

only on the ceiling. Drawing the eye skyward and creating a calming space overall.”

Creative Design Office Space, on a budget.


Wallpaper or Paint/Create

Office Small Space

Since I am such an adventure, out doors and nature kind of personality, I choose a more

whimsical or authentic atmospheric and surrounding. Or you might choose to create your

walls with an Au’ Courant decor or a flora kind of wall paper that actually pops out. Wall

Paper or Paint Create office small space. A true Honest Opinion!


If you have an artistic ability, then, home wall decorating ideas should be a piece of cake.

Rachel Antonoff’s believes that you can”Transform you new office space into a stylish haven

by combining different layers with pops of color and pattern.”


“Working with white space.” An all-white palette is chic and modern, but you want

but you want to make it easy if it’s not to severe.”

Say, Mat Saunders. Draw out the personality of a white space and create texture with a

with a few changes add contrast. Most times, we want to use color to tune up the volume

but with Erin’s neutral palettes we play with pops ofblack for contrast. when working with

white walls can use that chic finishing touch!”



Decorating accent wall Ideas

Deciding on which route to take is not an easy task. Since you are

Really thinking about wall paper, let’s see what ideas are out there

and then go from that point.Decorating Accent Wall Ideas.

Small office walls can be used as your focal point as well instead of adding

to many pictures to the scene. I have seen some office walls with wall paper

In the ceiling. Adding wall paper to your ceilings make them add an eye catching

and budget conscience detail for any room.





Home wall decoration ideas

If you’re decorating on a budget, then, home wall decoration ideas is for you.

An added perk is that this designers trick is budget friendly. Typically a wallpaper

Installer will charge a few hundred dollars to just hang the wallpaper on the ceiling

Of a standard size room which is a fraction of what the usual cost to paper four walls.

If you are shopping on a budget, wallpaper May be just trick for transforming your walls

Into a very whimsical space. Giving your ceiling a wallpaper mirror is great for making a

A small space look very unique.

Ideas decorating large wall ideas

If you’re thinking about painting your office walls instead of using wallpaper, then that

will work just as well. Especially, if your ideas decorating large wall ideas is for a great

Size office space.  Anyway, the more paint the less you will spend as oppose to wall

paper for a large office space.

The secret to finding this winning combination? When choosing a paint, make sure

a paint, make sure you have chosen the right color for the size of the room space.

Remember, dark colors will make a large room appeal smaller, and vice versa.

You might even want to try both paper and paint. I think this will really give

the small space a whimsical appeal.



Now you want to choose a paint

that complements the wallpaper.

Here are a few tips to try!

  1. Draw out a hue you would like to see on your walls.
  2. Select a paint on a shade darker or lighter.
  3. Use a more vibrant color that will really make the pattern pop.
  4. If your color paint is more neutral, then consider a very vibrant color.


Now that you have made awesome choices for your deco walls and

creative small walls ideas. now, let’s take your style to new heights

an add an artistic element to any small space with beautiful wood

accent and walls, back splash and ceilings. In our next article we will

take our walls to another level.

We learned in this article, the basic of creating a small office space on

a budget, and ways to utake an easier route during the entire transformation

of this awesome project, a whimiscal atmospheric that sets the tone in your small


Next we will take the next route and transform our

 small office floors.

We have covered these topics thus far.

  • Decorate my wall ideas
  • Decor Walls
  • Creative Design Office Space
  • Wall paper or Paint/Create my small office space
  • Decorating wall accent ideas
  • Home walls decorating ideas
  • Ideas decorating large wall ideas



Article By: Louisa Barzey




Directory For The Best Small Space Ideas

Directory For The Best

Small Space Idea

Be Your Own Home Boss Work Home/crypto

Small places, ideas, office small, directory, sources.

2018 Article By: Louisa Barzey

Looking for The Best Small

Place Ideas

Searching for small creative ideas can be a nuisance at times, so

I have researched and found some of the best places to shop

for your small spaces. As you stroll, See my Directory for the

best small place ideas.


Modern 16″ Crystal Ball Hanging Round Dining Room                                                                                 6 Lights Pendant Light Luxury Living Room Elegant                                                                     CRYSTAL Ceiling Pendant Lamp

Regular price$679.98


<input type=”hidden” id=”redactor-image-align” value=””>


  • The Best 25 + Modern Office Design Ideas on P interest App

Love wall-to-wall shelves space savings ideas and furniture placement

for small Home Office Design/tops and white…

  1. 20 Home Office Design Ideas For Small Spaces- Decoist/ Office

Here are 20 small Home ideas ideal for those who are challenged

for room and wish to have a decently organized work space

that combine form with function…


  • Top 30 small Home Office Ideas & Decoration Pictures and save at Houzz

new way to design your home. Shop and save at Houzz

  • Design Your Perfect Office/ Office Gallery/

“Let their experts can you layout your office and select the perfect furniture.

Executive Furniture.


  • Office Design /Gorgeous Efficient Workspaces/

“The Designer 750 + commercial clients. We design

Inspiring and Functional Workspaces.”


  • Real Simple

“Desperately seeking eligible look for a few office pieces?

Any inch of a living or dinning room or den can make an

adequate space for a desk and seat.”

Real Simple/decorating/Home-Office…


  • Better Homes and Gardens Strategies

“Changing of your Living room layout, switching up

the furniture arrangements in a small living room created

living room created the space needed for a home office.”

Better Homes and Gardens/Strategies/…


  • Room Sketcher/ home-design/home Office…

“Spare bedrooms aren’t the only space that makes great home office space

Keep a small office for feeling cramped by using versatile furniture.”

Don’t let concerns of size hold you back. Many home Office ideas

will work in small spaces as well as large spaces.”

Room Sketcher/home-design Home-Office…


  • Houzz

“A small Home Office does mot require much space

but it does require a storage space, and can be combined

to shape a home office that creates…”


  • Lushome/21 Modern- Ideas-Brighten-…

Small and space saving book look better in home offices. Computer desks with shelves

and cubbies are excellent for small rooms, providing great office storage space.”

Small Home Office Ideas/HGTV/design/room/other rooms


A List Of The Best Home

Decor Source Directory

Whether you are looking to create an office in your small space

here is a list of sources to make your search more effortlessly. For

for places, showrooms are a great and whimsical ecperience.

Since people and places change occassionally, information shared

in this post may have changed.


<input type=”hidden” id=”redactor-image-align” value=””>
<input type=”hidden” id=”redactor-image-align” value=””>
<input type=”hidden” id=”redactor-image-align” value=””>


  1. Elle
  2. The Shade Store /the /800.754.1455
  3. Benjamin Moore /Benjamin /walls/ paint
  4. Bona / floors
  5. Ferguson / bath / kitchen & Lighting gallery /
  6. Circa Lighting / Circa / 877.762.2323
  7. Delta / /kicthen
  8. Fabric /
  9. Y Lighting / y
  10. OCHRE /furniture.lightingaccessories /1.212.414.4332
  11. ELITIS/ Wall covering / www.elitis
  12. Darrow-Ballo / paint & paper /
  13. Jayson Home / /800.472.1885
  14. SCAVOLINI / kitchen, living, bathroom / 212.334.6776
  15. Zoffany / wall covering & trimmings/ Style L / 212.319.7220
  16. Flexform / www.flexform .com / It Sofas
  17. STARKSAPPHIRE/ / 844.40.stark
  18. Kallista // / sinks-faucet
  19. California Closets/ California / 866.221.0423
  20. Lee Industries / furniture & chairs /
  21. Kerry Joyce Textiles / wallpaper, trims, fabrics /
  22. LoL I / lol / rugs
  23. FENDI CASA / /Luxury Living
  24. Caesar Stone/ domestic Art /
  25. Design Portrait / B&B Italia Stores /
  26. Ralph Pucci / /
  27. Phillips Jeffries / kinship / Phillips
  28. Period / / home decor
  29. Miele / built-in appliances /
  30. Duravit / bath, kitchen, lighting /
  31. Container Store / closet spaces, / containerstore. com / 800.733.3532
  32. Make Your Space /
  33. Cloud
  36. House
  37. mommy

Modern Office Designers Ideas


Modern Office Designers and Source:


2. P interest. com



5. Luxury busla. com

6. Digs









15. domus


17. Idolza com











Modern 16″ Crystal Ball Hanging Round Dining Room                                                                                 6 Lights Pendant Light Luxury Living Room Elegant                                                                             CRYSTAL Ceiling Pendant Lamp



Regular price$679.98



Other Sources:

  1. Ballard Designs / 800-367-2775
  2. Exclusive Designs/ the
  3. Gabby/ www, Domino
  4. Home Appliances/
  5. Wolf/Gourmet/ Cookware/
  6. ATG Stores / Home Furnishings/
  7. Textiles Crafted/
  8. Flaux Florals/Botanicals/
  9. Home Furnishings/ Mktchell Gold & Bob Williams/MBGW
  10. No. 9 thompson/Fabrics.wallcoverings.trims/800-262-0336/
  11. Ethan Allen/ Design Center/
  12. Crate & Barrel / crate&barrel;.com / sofas /furniture

Home Decor Tips To Consider

  • We don’t need much to make the simplest of design
    tools to make a statement that stands out…
  • You can crate a smart gallery , but easily said than done, it is to configurate on
  • it is to configurate on your small walls.
  • Scouting for Decor Ideas_Update your desk by swapping bright sticky notes
  • Take an old swirl table at a touch of gold& black paint will make it look like

you bought a brand new table from an expense outlet or retail store.

  • Bring nature back indoors by adding a few plants and

greeny to give that corner or window a great sunset appeal.

  • Picking the right space in a small office space is not a

difficult task, just choose the right piece that will fit the space.

and using a tape measure makes a world of different.

  • Deciding on the right space to create your home office

can bedone anywhere in the house.

  • Using the corner of a room can add a bit of zest to the flavor of the atmosphere.
  • The Kicthen cupboard can serve as a great area to file and setup a laptop.
  • A desk with a lovely woven chair placed in any area gives that space a huge uplift
  • Take a moveable or mobile table and turn it into a moveable work area.
  • Lighten-up a dark corner with a white vintage chair and a small vintage desk

can really spice up a dark corner.

  • Build-in wall unit can serve as a complete office space

and a grand work station for children.



Article By: 2018 Louisa Barzey
















Pictures Home Office Small Spaces / #11

Pictures Home Office Small Spaces/ Be Your Own Boss

Work Home? https://crypto-Home Boss

2018 Article By: Louisa Barzey

Choosing The Right Pictures for Small Spaces!


In this article we will cover:

  • Mirrors are a great addition to your office walls as a decor appeal.
  • Choosing the right size pictures for your small spaces.
  • Office furniture to consider
  • Important factor to consider when starting out on your shopping spree



Pictures Home Office Small Spaces

For my office, I must choose the right pictures for small space. I am searching for a large mirror and

Couple of pictures that will help open-up the small space. Mirrors are great for adding the illuminated presented space.

Adding a medium to large mirror facing the entrance way is an idea area for that space. When you first step in my office, you are walking into an illusion of a much larger space than it really is.

Mirrors are a great addition to your office walls to get that

decor appeal

Ironically, mirrors are great to have for that elegant provincial appeal

Choosing The Right Size Mirror for Your Small Space:

choosing the right size is very important when creating space on small walls.

If your room space is a 12’12 or smaller and 1 large mirror and perhaps 2 small one

Will be suggested.Wall

Now if you’re adding figurines or frame, and you might want to reconsider how many

pictures to use.

What kind of decor to choose as an accent to your office walls?
Choosing the right accent is totally absolute. I love flowers, trees and plants.

And abstract artist designs are truly magnificent. Actually, you have a choice, so choose selectively.

A flower accent on a wall makes a cramped small office space more lively and breezy. As we begin our shopping spree for walls accents and pictures, remember that we are shopping on a budget, indeed we want to stay in our budget range.

I am a real shopaholic for thrifty bargains. So the first task we should consider.


Important factors to consider when starting out on your shopping spree.

  • Compare Prices
  • Visit two retailers
  • Observe the style and design
  • Visit two thrifty or antique stores
  • Be realistic about your selection
  • Check for a return policy
  • Now sleep on your decision

While window shopping, I notice several things to consider before purchasing decor for your small space.

Styles and designs were numerous. A huge selection in the retail stores, and great price. When making a decision

To purchase your decor, the decision is actually to shop on a dime. But, if you find decor that is truly appealing and comes with a high price tag, perhaps you can try your bargaining analogy. Sometimes the price you find on an item can definitely be due for a mark down. So don’t settle for less.

Pictures Home Office Small Spaces

During A shopping ordeal, I visited two of my favorite stores, Savers and Goodwill Store. I am never one

To underestimate slightly used items, such As wall decor. Actually I have found unique and extravagant looking items.

Pictures home office small spaces are to be wisely considered.



What You Should Make Sure Of When Making Your Selection

  • take actual measurements
  • choose the exact place where your decor will be placed
  • Use the right tools for installation purpose
  • Buy the picture hangers that will be great for your wall
  • You’ll probably need a Philips Screw driver and a hammer

Choosing The Right Pictures For Small Spaces

How will a gold trimmed mirror in a not off lay out look as an accent for a space

Facing the door. It is in very good condition and the price is right! Yes indeed, the

Price is right, $26 for an old conventional accent mirror. As opposed to $199 you can’t

Go wrong.

When I purchase a steal like this, I am very anxious to make it work. Size is perfect. Now, before

Finding this luxurious looking decor, I went to two retailers like Sam’s Club and Lowe’s. And ending up

In Pawtucket at Savers. Anyway, my goal and intentions are to make the wises choice when shopping

on a budget.

I look for comparison; the best in price, quality and functionality.

Now that I have found the mirror for my small office space, I will

Search for the right pictures for my small space.

Kind of Interesting finds

The other day I went to North Attleboro, to see what pictures I could find. Normally, I find great

items at Savers in Attleboro. So here I am starting another treasure hunt. I know that before the day ends

I will have found just what exactly I am looking for in style, value, uniqueness and quality.



Some Good Finds

As I continued to stroll around in Savers furniture department, I saw a huge selection of fine pictures that

Look so exquisite and appalling. My, what a tough choice choosing from among hundreds of pictures for

My small office space. Remember, we are shopping on a dime, so let’s shop wisely. Every so often, I remind

Myself of my spending budget on a dime.

Normally, I spend 3 to 4 hours at any thrift like Savers, because you need to be very comparing and selective.

Don’t forget that when you shop at thrift outlets, always ask one of the floor salesman for a particular item, you

will be amazed at the service you get. Sometimes you will get a great person to go in back of the store and bring

out one of the best item to lay eyes on.

Pictures Home Office Small Spaces

Decorating pictures home office small spaces

What a great shopping spree for mirrors and pictures. Now that the most difficult is over, let’s get into the wall designing process.
I know that you will find this to be the most exciting decor project in the entire office renovation project. Remember to incorporate some above tips in your home office small spaces venture.


  1. A Danish-designed Office Essentials. AJ Table Lamp by Arne Jacobsen

For Louis Paulsen Lighting. $928-

2. Create a prismatic effect with these glass table H 36 Is on Oblong in blue

Green and Grey by Sebastian Schemer for Neo/ craft each $1,620/ matter


Choosing The Right Pictures for your Office Walls.

Thank you for spending your day with me as I continue to

Decor Picture Home Office Small Spaces.

Make sure to watch for our next article; Creating Home Office

Small Spaces.



Article By Louisa Barzey

Picture Home Office Small Spaces

Creating Home Office Spaces.


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