D-Land- L Station Computer Desk

D-land-L WorkStation Computer Desk


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Product Name: D-Land Station Computer Desk



The price of this computer may vary because of different styles and functionality.

This one I choose to review because this the one I bought for my grands. This price is

a good price and you get your money worth.


This desk is fulfilled by amazon, so if you choose to buy it just go

directly to:



It is sold by D Land/ Home

Fulfilled by Amazon


I give this desk a good ranking because, there has not been a problem with it

since my grands put it together, and it go goes good with their Gaming chair.

4/5 Stars

Product Description:

D-Land is a US local brand in the past few years are has specialized in medium high

wooden and metal office furniture. Today, their Bloc have over fifty (50)

Production lines. And over their own business market.


  • This was very easy to assemble. It is very sturdy. We love it!
  • Nice chair, great valve for many sports. A little short for my 6ft. Husband.


  • Love the desk! love having the ability to change the height.
  • Vermeer is peeling in one place. There is a split in the board of the back
  • Of one of the drawers.

Product Specifications:

This desk is a black standing desk is a simple sit-stand work station. It helps to improve

Posture energy level and productivity.

59+59 L ‘21.7Wx 20 H Inch(150. + 150 L

55W * 76 H cm); package weights about 57.3 16s (26 kg).

Health & High Quality

The Plato solid wood particle pressing, E1 grade environmental

wood without the use of any industrial glue, and 0 formaldehyde release.

Metal frame: Utilizes heavy-duty and powder-coated metal materials which ensure

Stability and durability.

Large Storage Scale

This L-Shaped dish is sliced by 3 boards, and it is very

Spacious, and easy to place different office supplies.

Completely solve the problem of storage and arranges

To ensure enough desktop space also it comes with a

CPU stand.

Humanity Science Design

How modern and simply this fashion gets. This desk is built with

Steady-x FRAME IS designed to assure stability.

Great Custom Service

If your item is damaged by the time it reaches, they will you a replacement

Amazon provides free shipping, one day shipping available. All orders of $25 or more are eligible items

across any product category qualify for free shopping.

Another great incentive, is that with free shipping, your order will be delivered 5-8 business days after all your

Items are available to ship including reordered items.


D-Land-Station/ Workstation is one of a kind desk and station.

It is shareable, enough space for two monitors and a printer. It

Is great for the entire family.

Opinion! /Verdict:

I personal like this product, and the sturdy solid materials it is made of.

The quality is great and I will refer it to those that are looking for a great

desk. The good thing about this desk is that you don’t need another

desk taking up space, because this L shape fits directly in the smallest

corner. I do suggest that you’d do accurate measurements before

purchasing it.












D-Land-L WorkStation: A great buy for students-teachers-home office

children gaming room,  With multi-fuction, can hold two laps

or one computers and printer.

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