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“Be Your Own Home Boss Work Home!”  2018

Have you ever wanted to start a home business, but just

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Home Business Startup!

Small Home Office Small Ideas!

10 Key Factors about Starting your own home business


  1. Choosing Your Office Space ( When starting to design your home business, one of the

most important things you need to do is, decide on what area of the house will best suit

able for your new venture. Of course, many of us have families to consider, wife, husband

children.  So choosing a small home office to do business and to run a successful home

business is very important.

Some people choose to use their den or in the living room. I have learned over the years that

in order to resume privacy, those may not be the best choice of location. Normally, using a

small area like a pantry or large walk-in closet may serve the purpose only if you are not

going to house tons of products. These are just a few small home office space ideas.

On the other hand, if you are like some people who live in an extremely larger home, you

have choices. Especially for those who children are grown and move out to college, or

in other cases.

In a home office small space, you want to choose the right space so that you will feel like you are

at work performing tasks, and not at home. Distractions are visible, so make a wise choice.


2. Every office needs furniture and equipment ( This is another area that you want to be

very careful with when setting up your  home office furniture and small spaces.)  I’m sure most of

you already have items that you can use or savage and create a great office space without spending a dime.

Here are a couple of wise suggestions for those who need to start from stratch:

  • furinture like home office desk small space, chair bookcase can be purchased at a used furniture

store like Goodwill, Savers and Flee Markets, there you can find some very good pieces and priced

very cheap. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you can find items that are practically new, and

just need refurbishing up a little for decorating office space.

  • Buying new technology maybe the right thing to do ( but if you are spending on the dollar

you will have to seek for another solution to this one. There are shop and stores that have very good supplies and great looking

equipment. The thing is you will need to spend more time shopping around to find the best buy.

A computer or lap top can be bought new at stores like; Walmart, Best buy, and other stores at a great

price.  Same goes for printers, fax machines, and the like. Most people are using their iphone and andriods

to get the work done.


3. Today, every office need supplies to get started with ( printing paper, pens, note pads, pencils

sticky notes, staple machine, and staples, sissors, glue, ruler, folders, and binders, and cabinet, timer,

and waste basket.) Now these are the esssential items that will get you off to a gret start.

  • Staples
  • Office Depot
  • Office Max
  • Walmart

These are great places to stock-up around the time when school 

is opening you’ll find great bargains at a great price.


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5. Write a To-do-list

Keeping a T0-Do-list handy is the key to keeping your work space, home, and office organized.

(Keeping things organized and not cluttered is a great practice.)  Put things back where

it belong. If you are like most of us, things can easily get out of place during a very busy day

at the office or home. How often do you take things off or out of place, and don’t go back to put

it back where it belong.


6. Keep A Filing System

Whether it’s a home business or out of the home business, you will need to start

your filing system. Keeping a file system makes a big differents in the long hall


There are several ways to create your file system:

  • First, you will need a cabinet or crates, which ever one works for you.
  • Then, you will need to set up a file system. You can file by last name, first name
  • or alphbetically, or by numbers. What ever method you use, just be consistent
  • with it. You can purchase binders and folders from a discount store or outlet.
  • Get some divisions or dividers from a discount store as well.


 7. Follow-Up List: A Must Have

You can create this list by using a special binder, or calendar, or what ever works for you.

In your home business, you do want to stay ahead of things, and follow back regularly.

Possibly, daily is essential.


8. Keep A Daily Planner

A daily planner is a must have. They are great for joting down important

information, appointments, meetings and other important task. Never go without

one. Paper/Pen works.

9. Return Phone Calls List

Write down all important phone calls, and return them back in a timely manner.

Forgetting a call, may mean losing a sale or prospect.


10. Write Out Goals For the Next Day

At the end of your work day, write up your short terms goals you want

to accomplish the next day. Include the goals you did’nt complete first on the list.




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