How Are You Sitting-The Best Chair-Protecting the back-2

How Are You Sitting-the best chair-protecting the back

Many people are low back suffered, and back pain is a hard cure, learning about the back

and finding the right chair is a great start. I was a low back sufferer for many years

until, I learned about how sensitive the back is, and how to protect it with self- help and discipline. For years of taking aleve just to get relief.

For years while taking all kinds of pills for pain only made it worse.



How you sit, walk and bend have a devastating effect on you back and lumbar area.

What cause low back pain?

Many people today have some sort of back problem, and what can be done about it?

There are many reasons for sudden and consistent backaches. Pulling, bending, squatting

lifting, slipping and falling can affect you back at any age, so age is just a number it boils

down to who are the back pain sufferers.

Because your back consists of bones, joints and ligaments, muscles and nerves, any thing

can trigger the nerve. Acute back pain normally goes away on its own within six weeks or



There are other reasons for acute back pain

  • normal aging
  • weak back
  • additional muscles
  • obesity
  • postural in balances

These symptoms can set the stage for your increased back pain and discomfort. Chronic back

pain in terms may appear either suddenly or slowly, or last 3 months or more and isn’t relieved

by standard treatment. “In older people, chronic conditions such as degenerative changes of the

spinal bones and disk, vertebral compression fractures, spinal deformities are common sources

of chronic and persistent back pain.

Because I am an ongoing occupational patient, makes physical therapist my last name; sort-of-speak.

Let me share a list of things I do to help my lower back and lumbar area.


How are you sitting-the best chair-protecting the back

  • Stretching can be done daily at home or at the gym, or wherever you choose to do them. Because

I work at home, I do my stretches any time, mainly why sitting at the computer, lying down or standing.

when we sit for long periods throughout the day, your back will feel very stiff when you get-up. So to

get into a good routine and do little movments throughout the day, and dancing works wonders.


  • Good Posture

Maintaining your posture can really have a great impact on the troubled spot. When walking or

standing, practice keeping your back in a comfortable upright position. Do not arch your back

when sitting or walking. Shoulder back, even with your chin.

  • Yoga

Join a yoga program, and get physical. Yoga helps strengthen muscles

bones, and joints, so by adding yoga to your every day exercise routine

will prove helpful.


  • Sit in a straight back supporting chair

  • Adapt To A healthier lifestyle

Adapting to a more healthy lifestyle can be life changing, and this

change include what eat and how many vitamins and supplements

you’re getting everyday. Vitamin C & D are two great sources.

  • Avoid Lifting heavy object

Only lift the amount of weight your body is comfortable carrying. When lifting any weight

bend at the knees, then gradually pick up the object.

How are you sitting-the best chair-protecting your back

What causes back pain?

“Spine related problems, and back pain often happen because something

is off or in the way.” Your spinal joints, muscles, discs and nerves fit together

and moved herniated discs can cause pain in your lower back or hip because

the nerves are pressed.” Web MD

Causes of Back Pain

Back pain can be bought on by things you do in your day-to-day life.

  • Not excercising
  • Lifting heavy objects
  • Smoking
  • Slouching at your desk

Acute Pain and Causes

Researchers at the University of Sydney in Australia studied 999 people with

low back pain who visited a primary care Clinic, and nearly half the patients reported

severe pain lasting 24 hours or longer after onset, and 87.8 percent said the pain

interfered at least moderately with daily activity.” Performing a manual task in an awkward

position was the most back pain triggered reported. Heavy lifting was also a common trigger

among patients, fatigue, physical exertion and distraction during a task significantly

increased the risk of back pain.”


When To Seek Medical Help?

How are You Sitting-The Best Chair-Protecting Your Back

“Acute back pain can persist or worsens after about a week you should consult

a doctor. Persistent low back pain could signal an underlying medical condition

such as an injection, fracture or even cancer.”

(Scientific American)

Seek Medical Help:

  • can’t stand or walk comfortably
  • feel a shooting pain down either or both legs
  • have a history of osteoporosis
  • feel weakness in the legs or numbness in the genital or rectal area
  • have severe pain that lasts longer than a day or two
  • experience bladder or bowel incontinence or have difficulty starting or stopping urination

A Solution To Back Pain Sufferers

What organs are in the middle of the back?

“Other possible sources of referral pain into the thoracic region include Visceral

organs like: lungs, gallbladder, stomach, liver, Pleura, cardiac and duodenum. The

middle back pain has long been a “red flag” to alert healthcare professionals to the

possibility of cancer ) Metastasis or spread to the spine.”)



Severe Middle Back Pain

” Repeated pressure in the spine can lead to back pain that aren’t due to underlying

disease; example include inactivity, overuse, misuse lifting boxes, holding a child, a

partly filled backpack or sleeping in an uncomfortable position.”

In some cases, poor posture ca causes this pressure. The muscles in your back

have to work hard to keep your balance when you slouch. Over working these muscles

can lead to aches and middle back pain.

Health line>health>middle back-pain



What are the benefits of wearing a back brace?

How are you sitting-the best chair-protecting your back

Professionally fit back braces offer a safe, non-invasive to treatment to a current back

injury or to prevent a chronic condition from intensifying. Wearing the back brace

can assist in healing, decrease the chance of further injury, help control pain

support weakened muscles, and promote good posture.

Aug 2, 2016 https://www.arthristisand injury


Back Pain NightMare

Self-care for an aching lower back

Acute low back pain usually goes away on its own, with little or no intervention.

Try following tips to aid in symptom relief and recovery.

  • Take short walk throughout the day and wear athletic shoes while walking: Pull your stomach in slightly as you walk to support your back and limit the length of your steps to maximize tension on the back. Try to walk an asphalt instead of cement, which is harder and can stress your back.
  • Resume normal activity as soon as you able: You may need to start slowly, returning to regular activity will keep your back conditioned and help prevent a relapse.
  • Apply heat for temporary relief of muscles spasms and pain. Try to heat wraps which is safer than a heating pad muscular heating blanket.
  • Rest your back no longer than a day or two after your injury, and if pain is severe then inactivity associated with longer periods of fast rest may weaken musscular and do more harmful than good.

Causes of Back Pain

  • Wearing high heel shoes
  • Poor nutrition and vitamins
  • Being Overweight
  • Slouch and bad posture
  • Sitting long periods without stretching
  • Back pain can also be caused by medical conditions
  1. Arthritis- Is a joint disease that causes stiffness, swelling and inflamation
  2. Osteoarthritis- this type of arthritis is caused when your cartilage and bones breakdown. This common in people from middle age and upward
  3. Pregancy- the weight gain you put on can strain your back
  4. Tumors-you can get tumors in your back, they usually spread by a cancer that started somewhere else in your body

Less common causes of Back Pain are

  • Kidney stones and infection
  • Endometriosis- a build-up of uterine tissues outside the uterus
  • Osteomyelitis or discitis, infections in the bone and disc of the spine
  • Fibromyalgia, a condition that causes widespread muscle pain.


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