Our History

Our History

Be Your Own Boss Work Home



Our History Home Boss CEO

Maybe you are wondering who is home boss CEO?

I am Louisa B, founder of home Boss CEO/ Be Your Home Boss Work  Home

and I am the originality of this site.

First, I want to thank you for stopping by to check us out. In line of this, I’m an online

Affiliate Marketer Coach and Mentor at Wealthy Affiliate.

I am a very passionate and innovative person by nature, and of course, I am a person

who loves and craves for all the good things in life. I am have a deep passion for all of

God’s Creation. Most of my time is spent observing and blogging, and writing short articles,

poetry, and short stories. I am a mentor and teacher for helping special growing children.


As I previously worked with different age groups in a childhood setting a few years back.

Anyway, I have experienced several success journeys along the way. Now, I am hoping to

settle and developed my niche and become a successful online entrepreneur. Another one of

my hobbies is reselling slightly worn fashion and accessories. I recently designed and

created my own fashion closet (boutique) online at https://www.poshmark,com/secondbest fashions/Closet Boutique


I love to test products and or service reviews, and in the future, I will have developed my very own anti-

aging organic facial cream. My first e book is in the making. Moreover, I spend a great deal of my time

visualize about making Home Boss A Success Story.https://www.crypto-homebossceo…


Why I want to help people?

I have been helping people ever since I can remember, and right today, I still have that same passion for

people. Since joining Wealthy Affiliate, I have since acquired a hope, that I have always dreamed of.

About a year now, I am very proud to say that this is my first year anniversary working online with a huge

awesome community as this one. My short journey thus far has been an exuberant experience and the

most exhilarating one. https://www.wealthyaffiliate.c… WA has really shone the light in many areas of my .

my online journey.

My Passion/Niche

My strongest area that I call my niche area is dealing with all people, in turns, I expect to provide top

quality service to all people. I have always enjoyed helping people with an issue or problems. So, this

is one on the top of the list. Health, Wellness, and Fitness. Fashion is the next one in line. I want to take

it to the next level.

Future goals

My next big step is to write and print lots of E books.

Develop an Anti-aging organic facial cream that restores a youthful you.

Short Term

My goal right now is to complete all my lessons and training here at WA so I can

obtain The “Super Affiliate Title.” Hoping to attend the next Wealthy Affiliate Conference

held in Las Vegas in 2019.

Long Term

In the near future, I want to have all my business and e books earning money for me,  while I

learn about investment in this cryptocurrency industrial.

Concluding Statement

So this is me, and everything that comes with the packet.

I really want to thank you for taking the time out of your

busy day to follow me.

If you would like to contact me just drop me a line at this

email address: louisapromonews@gmail.com

or follow me on Facebook. Instagram, P interest, and Linked-In

Website: https://www.crypto-homebossceo…



Thank You!

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