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Home Workers Making A difference

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Home Workers Making A Difference

In-Home Workers are making a difference and  the necessary commitment to run their home based

business with a vision. As an awesome entrepreneur they need to be constantly

selling the story of their vision, as well as researching how it should involve.


  • Vision
  • The Issue
  • The Solution
  • The Reality
  • Selling
  • Executing

Working at home have become the most prevalent business in the universe. Men and women a like

are joining the work force by the hundreds and thousands. This article is written based on me prior

experience of working a home business of my own. Home Boss CEO is up and running for two years

now. However, starting -up your own home business has many facets and they wear many hats.

Marketing and Selling is the name of the game

For those of you and new to this work at home trend, just join the vast or people flocking into this nest

and making a living doing so. Be Your Own Home Boss Work Home.

While undertaken this challenge, there is a protocol, yes, you will need to achieve some skills and

techniques about how to get the basic of how to run a success online business. Now the aspect

of selling is that you will learn how to develop a way for effective selling.

During my training at wealthy Affiliate I adapted to skills that helped me along the way on becoming

a great and successful entrepreneur. I was taught to have a Niche/ Passion and expound on it; such

as taking your niche, passion of hobby and develop it into a money making product. To say the least home

workers are aw are that some selling and research techniques is having a vision and following that vision to success.

My learning at Wealthy Affiliate has provided me with the necessary tools and training s for taking my

endeavors to the next level.

In this home business venture, you must have the necessary tools and training s to go forward. Many

entrepreneurs have visions but most don’t take the time to understand what it takes to stay focused and

watch it come to light.

Over the past few months while attending Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp, I have a new enlightenment about

Selling and The Customer Purchase Life Cycle have been a way of helping me to understand what it takes to find

a customer and treat them with digniity and respect as a consumer. Kyle said, before you decide on selling

anything online, you need to first determine who you customer is.” Get to know what they want and what they

often like to purchase.

Before selling, it’s very important to gain trust, if trust is not instilled, there are certainly not going to be any gain on your end. Keyword Niche and Market Research the Jaaxy ,a great tool to help you along the way to getting lots of sales. The main point in focusing around customers’ and product research will indeed help turn a directional vision into a more focused one.

One interesting fact Kyle talked about in his training: Before, he listed some known facts about a customer.

  1. Most customers’ normally will no t buy on their first contact.

  2. It takes a person about 7 to 10 times to have contact with the item that they are interested in.
  3. Most customers’ do not buy from people they don’t know.
  4. The reason customers’ spend their money for exchange of a product they will help improve their existing situation.
  5. Today customers’ have a better chance of trust a product through online reviews.
  6. Customers knows when a product is no sound and light.

These are just a few indirect quotes that I cherish as I develop my home business.

The Vision:

We are visionaries, dreamers and innovators. We were born to be a leader and take the lead in any endeavor.

Some are determined to take their business to the next level, and will not let up until their dream or vision

manifest itself to them in physical form.

The Issue:

In marketing, finding the customer problem or issue and coming up with a solution.

The Solution

Finding a sound solution to any start-up can be very tricky. I n the marketing business we have a sense of urgency in

making quick decisions most times we don’t the time to analyze the data.

The Reality

“Home based businesses require people to have some self-marketing skills. There are some entrepreneur-minded people

that are not proficient in making themselves and their time. We must manage our day to day tasks, sometimes we may

come up short of accomplishing goals which is critical to our business growth.”


In our home business we all plan to sell and executing sound decisions, but to access your own entrepreneurial

aptitude and effectiveness, step back and take a look at journey, your task, and activities, then you must

determine which of these areas you are the strongest in and focus on the priorities that matches your skills.


Aggressive selling don’t come over night. To be successful at it, you must be willing to put in the time to achieve

that which rightfully belongs to you for you hard efforts and strong desire to make it to the top.

Terms To Considered:

  • Amivert__Loves being social and participating in social activities, but with active time to restoratives per some time
  • Extrovert__ And Introvert Complement each other. They don’t all the time understand each others.
  • Introvert Are just as warm and caring, and they would rather lavish those traits on the people they know well.

Now that these terms have been clarified somewhat, now you can use them best to suit your fit when dealing with

people. Home workers need to be flexible and agile to figure out home and what is potential customer will buy from

you. As we presume our endeavors, let us consider that flexibility and agility must begin to make way for reliability

and efficiency.


Blogger: Louisa barzey






https://Wealthy Affiliate.com ?a_aid=12d68bb1

Business Journal

The Customer Purchase Life Cyple



Today home workers are committed to making a difference woring at home online.

Millions of people are doing it today! Are you going to join the millions of home workers

doing there on thing, and mose of them are CEO’s of their home business.

Fixing up your office floor

Fixing up your office Floor

Be Your Own Home Boss Work Home / crypto-homebossceo.com /2018

Home Office Small Spaces/ Floor Fix Up/ Small Space/ after masterminding

Some small renovation in a home office with small spaces is a unique challenge.

Looking for a new look for you office floor!, favorites, hue, choices, styles and decor

are the trend that is in. (fix hard wood floor /fixup / easy fix floors / fix stratched 

hard wood floors / fix laminated floor stratches / fixed wooden floors

Fixing up your office floor

Now if you’re looking to fix up existing hard wood floor, then, fixing

squeaky hardwood floors will be the economical way of getting the

job done.This is a job any body can do. Using the right product is

the way to fix up hard wood floors. 

Wood floors

Floor Fix-Up / Small Space

In This Article:

  • Hardwood Floor
  • Easy Fix Floors

Deciding on the floor piece will be your easiest task of all task. There is only three 

things to do with floors. Carpet, hardwood or title. Now working with a budget, we want 

Make the right choice and choose the look that you will love for years to come. Now , this best

Route to take is basically the same as we took with our projects beforehand. 

Plan to do a little foot work first, take a trip to your favorite hardware store

and compare prices. Some days you can find Mark downs on products that were returned for reasons

or another, and this is a great steal. 

Call the store of your choice, and see what is available in the flooring section. By doing this will save your gas and

and a lot’s foot work.


Fix cracked Hardwood Floors

Today, there are all sorts of hardwood floors to choose from. 

Floor trends comes in many different forms and prices. Getting

that desired curve appeal is easier than you think, so why not

breathe easy in every little inch of space, and ejoying the look

you have created.

My favorite room in the house is my office, yes, I take proud in 

getting it right. I will spend what ever it takes to get it done, while

still stretching a dollars.


Easy Fix floors

 Hardwood Floors for less. Distressed Distinction. “Inspired by the the styles you

Choose from several floor trends; like shades of gray, choose from an array of stunning

light and dark shades of gray, even with hues of blue, and easily set the tone for your own

Unique style.”

  • Finish Hardwood Floors


Finish Hardwood floors in small space floor plan.

  • Hardwood Floor Discount
  • Wood on Walls
  • Lamated Floors

Creating a look and taking your walls to new heights is the in today.

Now you can add an artistic element to any space with beauty wood

accents on walls, backsplashes and ceilings. At  some stores you

can create hardwood floors of your choice and taste.

Looking for taste well you can find 

  • Shades of Gray
  • distressed Distinction
  • Wood on walls
  • Wood on floors
  • Wood on ceiling.

My favorite wood is the vintage  charm look on my floors. I think that

the antique taste brings out a unique flavor every time. They comes in 

many choices, designs and styles. This look will make any room come alive

especially your home office.

Some stores carry the lameant wood look, which I think can stir any focal

point in that space. A few years back, hard wood died out, but never left the 

scene. Until the lamenant look appeared out of the blue then the real hard 

wood look was back in full force again and still is the trend for floors today!


  • Lumber Liquidators
  • Wood Wood


Article By; Louisa Barzey





Email: louisapromonews@gmail.com


Hardwood Floors

20 Things To Remember When Decorating Small Office Spaces

20 Things To Remember When

Decorating Small Office Spaces

Everything you need to know is right here in this Article. 20 things to remember when

decorating small office spaces./home office ceiling lights ideas /natural light lamps

for office /design office ideas entertaining guest. Declutter Tips Ideas Office /April /Bonus )

2018 https//crypto-homebossceo.com /be your own home boss work home


Stools and Bar

Stools and bar are used in place of an office room

Most people today, uses whatever space that makes it

convience to use as an office space, this have been known

to work out just fine, especially people that have the privilege

of owing two kitchens. Take notice to all of the space, and floor

area. There are lots of cabinets that can serve as storage area

for supplies, storing electronics away and for filing necessary

papers and documents. I can choose this office space over any

space, because I don’t like to be crowed in.



In This Article:

  • Stools & Bar
  • Large Furniture
  • Carpet
  • Paint
  • Wallpaper
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Table
  • Electronics
  • Chairs
  • Book Stands
  • Hard Wood
  • Plants
  • Mirrors
  • Lights
  • Supplies
  • Throw Rugs
  • Sofa Chair
  • Wall Pictures

Large Furniture

Large furniture can be tricky, so you must try and not fill your space

up with many large pieces.

Here are a list of large furniture that will

not fit well in a small office space

  • Large Sofa and Love Seats
  • large Recliner
  • Huge Executive desk
  • Tripe book stands
  • Large Table lamps
  • Tall floor lamps
  • Large seating office chairs

Now its okay to suite your office space with large items, but I

suggest you to be selective in choosing around two large pieces

in a small office space.

This way you will not only be conserving space but you will also have

less to lift when time for spring cleaning.




Tables have been serving the place of an office desk for years, and it

still serves a good purpose for some office setups. If you have space

for it that is fine,


Hard Wood

Wooden floors are a living piece of art that you can transform to any style

you like. Wooden floors can easily match up with any decor. So you don’t

have to shy away from the wood work. (Bona.com). I took an old wooden floor

restore, and revive its finishing s to satisfy my taste.





There are many ways to arrange your electronic’s. Since most people

process many types, your space can easily get congested and cluttered.

Choosing the right desk or work station will help resolve this situation in

minutes. Have fun and organize your space.




Window works are the thing today! It is a trend that is here to stay!

Most home-owners are looking for that house where they can bring the

outdoors inside. (Design On A Dime )

Since I am a nature and adventurous person, I really enjoy creating the

appeal in doors. This can easily be done by adding a large picture

window or adding an extra patio area that is filled with large glass. This

scene brings in lots of sunshine and daylight at the proper time of the

year. This area can be transpired into an open office space. Some people

use their garage to great this kind of space.



Chairs are need in every office space. If you are a very entertaining person,

then you need chairs. So the amount of chairs you choose for your space

is up to you. ( Small Office Chair Review)


Your walls are their first impression! So don’t b afraid to step out of your comfort

zone. Colors and paints are everywhere. Our children colors of a rainbow in

kindergarten. You can make your walls pop by using your creative decorative

power to do so.

Colors not only have the ability to transform the interiors of your walls. A little hue

with color from the heart is so pleasurable. As you fulfill your desire to create that

space, feel comfortable to expose the lasting and dramatic finishing of you walls.

Be sure to choose a paint that really complements. If you are using wallpaper,

select a paint either lighter or darker. The extra vibrant brightness will certainly


(Decor Walls / Creative office Space Ideas )


Hanging wall paper is a fun and exciting task. Choosing the right prints

or pattern to match your decor can be rewarding when the task is complete.

Most importantly, creative designs with wall paper is great for those who love

and live a bright cheery life.

The least worry you will have is painting often. Wallpaper seem to last for years

and years, until you want a change in the space and pattern. Other than that

Wallpaper is the way to go.

elitis.com /wallcovering



Book Shelves

Every office space can use a bookcase or two, I never go without one.

Shelves are a great space saver. When organized right, it add that

imperative look of an executive suite.

Organizing your book shelf takes time to create that office look, and you

definitely don’t want that appeal of a junk cluttered space with no focal

point at all. You can arrange them by colors, size, and width, and leaving

space for adding a picture or vase to set the tone.

Wall Mirrors

A mirror on your office wall can add that feel of openess and spaciousness.

If you are fighting for extra space, then, mirrors are a great choice for your walls.

I used at least one medium large mirror to accent an area that might near a

little accent to get that appeal. I think mirrors are great to have for people to

look at their apperance when they first enter my office. Other than that mirrors

have been around room ancient of days.


Adding life to your space can make that area feels like the outdoors

experience on a nice spring day in April. There are several ways to make

your office stand out!

If you are planning to use floor plants, then, the amount of plants must be

considered. Now ask yourself, how many large floor plants is enough? Of

course, it depends upon the size and room space available. You don;t want

to over crowd your small space with tons of plants that does’nt speak to you.

Now let’s see where can we place theses plants as to add a statement to the


Here are a few places that make so much sense. A table, window sill, and the

floor will serve as a great place and prehaps a good scene and vocal point.

Wall Pictures

Wall pictures,mirrors and packs add color and texture to the walls and some

pictures makes the wall pop. Some picture can draw your walls and

some can widen the area..( Design My Office Space )

I like hanging more that one or two look alike. Amagine hanging 3 pictures

that are about a 12’12 in width and length. All three have the same design

but present a different message.

Now if you are dealing with very small room space, this design will not work.

maybe, smaller in size and perhaps, just hanging two instead of three may

work best in that case.

Be selective when choosing the right pictures for your small walls

Floor Carpet

To be created, you need to be surrounded around the things you love. Drawing inspiration

from tradition influences is a great choice of combined patterns. (1010 rugs.com). rugs are

traditional, and they have been around since the medevial day. Throw rugs are commonly use

in different areas of the house.

Throw rugs should be choosing with care, as some can be a nusiance. Some issues I’ve with

them are that they move out of place, and this can really get out of order. I enjoy order, so

throw rugs just won’t work for me. But for those that know how to make them work, good ridden

to you. Anyway you can do a lot with them if you don’t mind shaking and placing them all day.



Throw Rugs

Cramped Office Space

See: (Declutter Tips Ideas )


Office Desk

There’s nothing better than a desk that is large enough, and not to small.

Today, people are buying workstations to use for working on instead of

sitting down at a desk all day. Setting your desk up like the one above is okay

it will work, but I like having a work station to put my computer, printer, phone

and a few books on it. (Home office Desk furniture )(Home office Desk furniture )

Leaving me with a clearer space on my desk, with only a clock, small plant and

my note pad and cellphone.



Doors plays an integral part in most office space today!

Some may have one or two doors, and some don’t even have a

door nor window. Actually doors are something that only service for

your privacy, and that’s it. Other than than you reall don;t need one.

Today everything is about openness.

Ceiling Light

Designing and decorating your small office designs layout ideas means a lot

Choosing th right lights are something that you must do to set-up your creative

ideas and style. making the best decision ever is all that really matter, and you’re

looking to purchase ceiling lights on sale or those that are not, but at a great price.

Creating an office space, a magical place filled with plenty of good lighting, and have

convention to nature (Ferguson).

Office Supplies

Supplies, Suplies, we need this stuff, and without it our office is incomplete.

As long as you can store your supplies in an orderly way, will work out




corian design.com





Article By: Louisa Barzey

Website: https:// crypto-homebossceo.com

Email: louisapromonews@gmail.com


Everything you need to know is right here. 20 Things To Remember

when declorating Small Office Spaces.



Eronomic Design Office Chairs/Ficmax/Review

Ergonomic Design Racing Chair


How to be your own boss Work Home!/Ergonomic Design Racing Chair Ficmax

2018/ Gaming Office Chair/ FIcmax/Review/ https://crypto-homebossceo.com

looking for that great chair, well look no more this is the chair / reasonable is price

affordable and great quality. Awesome designs. SHOP NOW!

This item Ficmax Ergonomic High Back Large Size Office desk chair swivel

black PC Gaming Chair with Lumbar Massage Support and Retra.

Amazon’s Choice

Ficmax High-back Large Size Desk Chair Swivel for Gaming including Lumbar Massager Support and Retractible Footrest (Red/White)

This item Ficmax Ergonomic High-back Large Size Office Desk Chair Swivel Black PC Gaming Chair with Lumbar

Massage Support and Retra


Ergonomic Design Racing Chair

Product Name:

Ergonomic Design Racing Chair/Double Comfort: ergonomic design

with free USB electric massage r, headrest pillows, and lumbar cushions

wide and thick armrest, with ergonomic shape, larger size, adjustable

foot rest.






4:2 out 5 stars



Price listed may vary!


Blogger: Louisa B

Product Description:

Materials are made out of metal frame, and very easy to clean,

with artificial leather and removable headrest. Pillow and lumbar

cushion make it much easier an ideal seat of choice for studying and

gaming. Good quality material high quality PU high density thicker

sponge (high resilience and high permeability.

Product Function:

I took notice that this chair has rocked back and forth movement.

Comes with adjustable backrest with a 90.-170. Safety angle: armrest

and seat-height adjustment 360-degree swivel 5 point box is build-in

heavy-duty and smooth rolling casters, with G-tracing more comfortable

at gaming.

Product Specification:

The product Ergonomic designed racing chair is a very

efficiently and comfortable Chair, with multi-function. Will

meet any size and body shape.

  • Lifetime Warranty on Frame, 12 month warranties on parts
  • Free Replacement or money back for any reason within 30 days.
  • Any disatisfied with their products or service, Please do not
  • hesitate to contact them to solve the problem.

High Security

Integrated metal frame, exposion-proof, gas spring of international

standards heavy-duty chair base with castors makes a superb, stable

structure, (maximum capacity: Can hold up to 300lb.

This chair is extremely great for people who are tall and weight.

A perfect fit for anyone.

inovative implant massaging function now makes the lumbar cushions

effectively relieve your fatigue.

Wide and thicker armrests with ergonomic shape can be adjusted up and


Retractable foot rest makes naps as comfortable as lying in a bed.


The Ficmax chair have Multi- functionality to fit 300 hundred pounds

very good.

360 degree swivel, 90 to 180 degree backwards movement, growth

armrest and set-height pillow and lumbar cushion, all to make an ideal seat.


___nice chair and very comfortable. Very nice chair, good quality. Massage is a little generic

however, easy to put together.

____ The chair is an amazing chair and comfy my husband took a nap in it for four hour

____ If you need to replace a broken piece they will send you a replacement

____ Best chair I have owned.


___Its locking mechanisms for the chair back is a joke.

___Combine of this with the leaking gas cylinder this chair is a nightmare

___This chair creaks a lot. Tired of tightening the screws, on better. Sound

like an old time rocking chair.

Product Overview:

If you’re looking for a great sitting chair, well this chair ergonomic

designed chair is a good selection for those that are sitting for hours and

upon hours in a day. This high back, large gaming chair is the ideal chair

for the entire family.

It comes with lumbar massage support and Retra, so this another good reason

to select this product over other chairs. There are several styles to choose from

two colors.

Additional Information:

Color: Black & Read

Item Weight 50 pounds

Product Dimensions: 27.6x 27.6 x 52.4 inches

Assembled width: 27.56 inches

Assembled length: 27.56 inches

Assembled Height: 52.36 inches


This chair is great for my two 12 year old grands, so two

are on my shopping list this year. I will refer this chair to anyone that is

looking for that comfort they will get from this great chair. This

ficmax chair is always on the way of evolving and improving.

Is great for anyone that is looking for a great back support system and this

is it. I find comfort and less pain when sitting in this chair and getting up out

of it without holding onto something makes a big difference.


Website: https://crypto-homebossceo.com

Email: louisapromonews@gmail.com

Owner: Ficmax.com

Reviewer: L Barzey







Top Gamer Ergonomic Gaming Chair High back Swivel Computer Office Chair with Footrest Adjusting Headrest and Lumbar Support Racing Chair (Black)

Top Gamer Ergonomic Gaming Chair High back Swivel Computer Office Chair with Footrest Adjusting Headrest and Lumbar Support Racing Chair (Black)



28% price drop

Ficmax Ergonomic High-back Large Size Office Desk Chair Swivel Black

Ficmax Ergonomic High-back Large Size Office Desk Chair Swivel Black



Free shipping

Merax Ergonomic High Back Racing Style Reclining Office Chair, Purple

Merax Ergonomic High Back Racing Style Reclining Office Chair, Purple



Free shipping


This ergonomics office/gaming chair is the real deal. Great for office and family game room.

Great for those that are looking for lumbar/ back support. Looking for that chair, well look no more

The Fimax has good quality material. Provides support to lower lumbar area. Chair is priced right

and can be purchased at different locations like: Walmart ,eBay and amazon.

Most store provides Free Shipping. A return policy and product warranty is available.

Small Office Design Ideas To Use When…(May Article)

Small Office Design Ideas

To Use When Entertaining Guest

Looking for Office design ideas for entertaining guest in home office.

On a budget-small office / Small Office Design Ideas To Use When entertaining

Guest. Five things that make An Office Space Perfect For Entertianing-Entertianing

Guest In Your Office-Continue: 12 Reasons To Create An Office Appeal Every Month

How to be your own home boss Work Home /https://crypto-homebossceo.com /2018

In This Article: Space-lighting-Desk-chair-carpet/floors-window-doors-plants-cabinets…

Finding the right small design office ideas for entertaining guest don’t have to be A

dreadful task to start and complete. I have complied a few ideas to help you make some

great and artistic decisions.

In This Article:

  • 5 Things that Makes An Office Space Perfect for Entertaining
  • Entertaining Guest In Your Office
  • 12 Reasons To Create A New Office Appeal Look Every month (Continue, 9, 10,11, 12)

5 Things that Makes An Office Space Perfect

Great Lighting

There are several kinds of lightnings. Choosing the right light for this occasion

is truly to be considered. Great lighting are needed if you are Design Office ideas

and Entertaining guest.

  • Ceiling lights
  • desk lights
  • hanging swag light
  • pole light
  • chanderilier light

You will want to have a sufficient amount of light for your guest. This helps opening

up a small office space. I personally choose a chandelier because of it’s elegant

and enhancing mood and excited feeling it gives you. Desk lamps, hanging and swag

lights all serves good lighting for any space. Design Office Ideas Entertaining guest

is a very excited task, if you have some Office Design interior Ideas. Pole lights are not

what you want in your space during this time, because the pole and cord can cause

a trip-up are fall, and you don’t want that to be an embarrassing moment, or someone

gets hurt from an accidental fall www.tiny-toys-cheap /Lightnings

Perfect Seating

Actually, you don’t need no more than the amount of chairs to the

guest you’re entertaining. Especially, if your office space is small.

Most people enjoy standing anyway, especially after sitting for hours at work.

Floors / Carpet

Hard wood floors looks more attractive when entertaining guest, but

everyone don’t have hard wood, and, I don’t suggest that you go out

spending money to make it have that shinning appeal. Carpet is find

it can work when nothing else will .housely.com

In this case, the floors are about the easier thing to get ready for your

occasion. Actually there isn’t much to do but, clean and shampoo the

carpet days ahead of the event. The hard wood can be stripped if needed

and polished with a great polish to get that beautiful shine.

Open Windows

Open windows with the blinds raised to get that extra lighting, but if you’re

entertaining during the night, closed windows are okay. Open large windows

serves as a great focal point. When entertaining in your office space, you can

come up with some great Decor ideas for that space temporarily.

Picture windows are great for drawing the out doors in, especially if you are

entertaining during the day when the sun is shining nice and bright.

As mentioned, if you have window blinds at you window, well, this is a great

addition to your decor. Fendi.com

If you are a curtain lover, then, that’s fine too, A pair of nice white sheers will

definitely serve the purpose. Leaving them open or drawn together is such a

great idea.

Space/ Desk

Your desk can be used as a table for holding your beverages and snacks

along with cups, bowls, plates and utensils. When planning for eight or

more people, I normally, use the amount of items exactly to my group size.

If your office space have more than one desk, that you won’t be using for

this occasion, just the desk remove temporary, and this will give you more space

to work with.

Protecting the desk for spills and liquor, can be covered with a plastic covering

especially for your desk that is nicely finished.

Setting up home office for Entertaining

12 Reason To Create a New Office Appeal

Every month ( April Continue)

Month 9

September is a month that begins within autumn / Yellow /Brown / Red / Orange

Small home Office Space Ideas. 9 Reason To Create a New Office Appeal Every


Now that autumn is here, there’s no need to fear. This is the ninth month of the

year, that brings good treats. You should not worry about your seat, because it’s

to the beat.

Month 10

October is looks good with white and floral appeal for Setting up a home office space

10 Reasons To Create a New Office Appeal Every Month; This is a great time to have

some fun. Beautiful white a sign of pure and clean space. Floral designs within fabrics

wall papers and paint. Getting your small office design layout ideas. Designing home office

space in the month of October is a very good thing to do.

Month 11

November is Gives that “20 Century Appeal: :Filled with decorating accent wall ideas.”

11 Reasons To Create A New Office Appeal Every Month

This is the month we want to give thanks to our excellency create ability to get it done

You’ve done it well to dwell, and The good thing is that you done it without delay in

every way. This is in truth what makes one have an awesome day. Giving your Office

Design Interior Ideas what it takes to get that desired look. That 20 Century Appeal

Finding that one piece of furniture, ball are small will do the job.

Month 12

December Fruity Smell Appeal “Set-up small office space

12 Reasons To Create A New office Appeal Every Month

Design Office ideas Entertaining Guest in the Month of December is a very

elegant time of the year. Good Office Ideas for your office ideas are exponential.

Giving that Fruity Smell Appeal can be done with any dried fruit. Start by drying your

fruit around October for allowing the fruit to ferment. This is the month I do love the

most. The time you waited to get it done is just so easy because you have

thought of brilliant ideas on getting it done. So take this time and be merry and enjoy

the moments and spirit of the year.


  • kerryjoycetextiles.com/wallpaper,prints,trims and fabrics
  • www.Durant.us/ Lighting
  • designxozo.com
  • www.corian design.com /Make Your Space


Blogger: Louisa barzey

Design Office Ideas Entertaining Guest

Website: https://crypto-homebossceo.com

https://www.tiny-toy-cheap.com /Lightnings



Small Office Ideas for Entertaing Guest. Ideas office Space

design ideas to use when entertaining guest, on a budget five

things that makes an office space perfect. Space-lighting-desk/chairs


2018 New Review Body Bilt Chair

Click to Zoom2018 New Review-Body-Bilt-Chair

Body Bilt Chair

Looking For A Great Chair, then look no more!” Body Bilt Chairs are here!

“Consumed with testing, motivated by results.”

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Are you working all day while sitting? Back pain hurts all day long, won’t release

but don’t know what to do about it./BodyBilt chair/ “Their Company Believes that when

it comes to quality their clients deserves the best.” Intense Use Ergonomic Chair.

[Improving Comfort and Productivity Since 1988] www.bodybiltchair.com

The Body Bilt Chair

The Human back is the large posterior area of the human body,

rising from the top of the neck and the shoulders. It is the surface

of the back opposite from the chest The Vertebrate column runs

the length of the back and creates a central area of recession. The

breadth of the back is created by the shoulders at the top and the

pelvis at the bottom. [Wikipedia]

Back pain is a common medical condition generally benign in origin.

Business Overview

Business Website:www.bodybilt.com

Owners(s) Herman Miller

Contact Info: 1-888-322-1293

Corporate Office, One Body Bilt Place, Navasota, TX 77868

USA-1-800-364-5209 Fax-1936-825-1725

Business Ratings: 10 0ut of 10

Years In Business: Improving Comfort and Productivity since 1988

Business Information

Herman Miller Aeron Chair has developed quite a following over the

years as the chair that started the Ergonomic Crave.

Body Bilt has grown to become a True Leader in the Ergonomic Seating


Body Bilt products are known to be the superior to competitive brands on

the market. Their Chairs and workstations are improving Postures in Many 500

Fortune companies all across the GSA spectrum.

This include the Pentagon department of the Navy and Internet Revenue Services.

How Are They made?

These Bilt Chairs are made with Green sustainable ergonomics. It’s amazing how

renewable materials like soy-based foam are used to help promote a healthy


Meaning: “Ergonomics is relating to or designed for efficiency and comfort in the

work environment.”


Ergonomic Accessories:

Ergono-Fusion is a complete line of ergonomic accessories for addressing workplace

environment needs

Click to ZoomSpecialized Armrest

Body Bilt High Back Executive

Such Ergonomic accessories like:

  • Keyboard Trays
  • Keyboard Tray Support
  • Mechanisms
  • First Panel Monitor Arms
  • Footrest
  • Sit/Stand Solutions
  • Other ergonomic accessories

Information Overview

About The Company: Body Bilt Chair/

This chair is so unique from any others on the market today, because it is

inspired by pioneers working in space. This alone tells you a lot about

Body Bilt Chairs, They are certainly designed to emulate the same stress-free

posture assumed by the body in a weightless environment.

This chair will help alleviate your aches, including, but not limited to:

  • Thoracic or upper back pain
  • Lumbar or lower back
  • Sciatica
  • Tailbone discomfort

What Body Bilt Chair Will Do For You:

  • Neck support options reduce nerve pain
  • Pressure-Reducing contoured seat, also reduces the pain
  • of sciatica, while unique seating options resolve tailbone discomfort
  • Pressure adjustment put you in position to be pain free
  • Unique lumbar and thoracic support options provide relief for upper
  • and lower back pain
  • Specializes armrest relieve unique pain problem such as Carpal Tunnel

Business Opinion

Bilt Provides ergonomics seating and accessories for use in the

office, home Laboratory and industrial settings. They believe in total Stress

free posture.


1. Independent studies have documented a six month ROI for those Body

Bilt Chairs

2. What is best known as Body Bilt Chairs is that there is a limited Lifetime Warranty

in part of the deal you’ll getting

3 Best Ergonomic Office Chair under $1000

4 Risk Free 30-day trial body bilt.com/ pain relief office-chairs

5. 12 Armrest Options

6. Comfortable chair that is designed for your body.

7. Relieve Back Pain with a Body Bily Ergonomic Office Chair

8. They have a huge selection of fabrics options to choose from

9. You can request A sample so you can see and touch the fabric for yourself

10. If you like, you can request a quote if you no what fabric you will like

on your chair

11. They have been known to go out to give the customers what they want

People bring their own material of their choice

What Other Pros Had To Say:

  1. Performance. Ergonomics reduce pain-Productivity circulation Success!…
  2. The Body Bilt Chair seems the most promising…
  3. Giving you supreme height adjustability and a seat that’s designed with a
  4. depth that suits taller bodies…
  5. The wonderful thing about these high end chairs is that they ae so configurable…
  6. Well, constructed chair thoughtfully designed…
  7. I purchased this chair for an executive who complained of back problems from an
  8. existing chair. One week later there were no back problems…
  9. The chair came without a wheel, and they sent me one that was easily just popped in.


This review is in progress for more research about what others have

to say.

  1. I’ve come to the conclusion that name brand or price is not a good indicator
  2. of comfort or quality
  3. Great Specs on paper but disappoints in real life.
  4. Poor quality, very limited Warranty! I have used these chairs for 20 years
  5. they are not made like they used to be
  6. It won’t blow your mind and it’s not worth the price. No way do I like the company
  7. who built this chair or the company who sold it to me.
  8. This is not a low cost “midback” chair so was it worth the money to purchase
  9. from the company (NO!)…

Business Goals

  • Consistency
  • Streamlined Ordering Process
  • Try before you buy

The Plan

  • A Standardized Contract
  • Anywhere, Anytime, Nationwide Services
  • Contracted Pricing
  • Cost Reduction

Long Term

To Improve Customer Satisfaction and reliability.

Short Term

Continue To provide Top Quality Service.

Click to Zoom Fabrics That Appeal To Your Body And Taste! / Body Bilt Sola Mesh Back Task

Business Effectiveness

What You get: In the beginning you get an initial consultation

Their staff listen and sets comprehensive understanding an

employee workplace objective.

Business Concepts

Best Ergonomic Solution


The fabrics appeal to your body and your taste

When choosing the fabric of your choice, they give you options

from the most durable and less expensive to the most stretchable

and comfortable to the most elegant Luxuriousness of leather.


The staff realize that some people have sensibilities to different kinds

of fabric, so they went to great lengths to provide a dizzying array of

fabric choices.

Different Chair Styles:

  • Enduri
  • Ergetta
  • Eyacti
  • Aircelli
  • Sci
  • Superetti
  • Sola

Click to Zoom The Best Ergonomic Solution!

5 Best Office Chairs for lower back pain.

  1. Topsky Mesh Computer Office Chair
  2. Ikea Markus Chair
  3. Poly and Bark Inverness
  4. Ergonomic Office Chairs
  5. Serta Mid-Back Office Chair
  6. Amazon Basics Mid-Back Mesh Chair

What Others Had To say:

Greg Knighton said, “In order to have a good amount of lower

support, its important to look for a product that has lumbar that

will hit your back before the upper backrest. Maintain proper posture

is also key to your overall comfort and support. Slouching will move

your lower back away from the lumbar system found in the chair.

“Finding an office chair that will really help reduce lower back pain

a quest for many office workers.

“While most office seating companies claim to have lumbar support

they are almost always lacking in the area.

Click to Zoom Relieve back Pain With A Body Bilt Ergonomic Office Chair / Body Bilt High Back Task

Business Benefits

Customer Support: Ergonomics Central, they are eager to talk

contact them through any of the available channels

Name Of Company

The Body Bilt Chairs

The Company Platform


  • Ergonomic Seating
  • Ergonomic Accessories
  • Ergonomic Work Place Solution


  • Ergonomic Seating
  • Ergonomic Accessories


  • Recovery Program
  • Services
  • Special needs
  • American With Disabilities


  • Pressure Mapping
  • Work Place Posture
  • Productivity Increased for ROI
  • Videos Chair Adjustment
  • Videos Products & Services
  • Links
  • Chair Sectors

Product Name:

Body Bilt Chair


Protecting your Spine:

Six Things you must not do.

  1. Bend forward from the waist
  2. Twist and bend at the torso (trunk)
  3. Carry package that are too large and heavy
  4. Bend forward when coughing and sneezing
  5. Reach for objects on a high Shelf
  6. Don’t do toe touches, situps or abdominal crunches

The exercise To try:

This exercise to keep your spine more limber and flexible. This

will help to hold your back straight, and this exercise can help

make your bones stronger.


  • To reduce tightness in your spine and the muscles of your spine
  • and the muscles of your neck and upper back
  • To help get your head lined up over your shoulders rather than stooped forward.
  • Sit with your middle and lower back well-suported in a chair
  • More your head straight back as far as possible
  • keep your chin level with the floor and look straight ahead. Do not tilt your chin or forehead
  • Hold your head back in this position for three to four seconds
  • Then relax back into your normal posture for a second or two
  • Now repeat 5 times. Do this exercise several times a day.







The 24/7 Chair


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Build An Affiliate Home System On A Budget

Build Affiliate Home System On A Budget

How To Build Your Wealthy Affiliate

 System On A Budget In Minutes

Best Place To Retire On A Budget /Way To Live On A Budget

Build Affiliate Home System On A Budget / How To Build Your Wealthy Affiliate

System on A Budget In Minutes

2018* How To Be Your Own Home Boss Work Home /https://crypto-homebossceo.com

How To propose On a Budget / Way To Live comfort On A Budget / How To Advertise On A Budget

From Stratch_On A Budget_From Trash To Treasure/ Wealth System Secrets /Pointers /Tips /

Ideas /Stratgies />>> LEARN MORE>>>> Wealthy Affiliate




Work Home Business is the trend in the 21st Century. How to build Your Wealthy Afilliate

System On A Budget has gotten better. Since the Eighties, people nationwide have joined

the bandwagon where millions are becoming productive by owning and running their own

homebased business on a budget.


Actually, this is a trend that is progressing in leaps and bounds everyday!  By 2029 people will

be owners of their own franchise or ecommerce store online and offline. It’s expected to be

about 80%  of people will have joined this fast and luracutive growth.


In this article I am covering basic grounds that soon will be our future Universe of Fast Robotic

Technology. I personally don’t perdict the future outcome, but it’s obvious to see ahead of what’s

to come, and what will be for our next generation to come.


In This Article you will learn how to build a  Affiliate Office System on A budget in Minutes.

Included In Article:

  • Getting Started
  • 8 Things To Do
  • Budget
  • Where To Find Discounts
  • Trash To Treasure On A budget
  • What You Need To Get Started
  • Setting Up Your System

Trends Of Today:

  • Pointers
  • Tips
  • ideas
  • Stratgies

The Outcome:

In 2015 I had started writing on a publication about “Shopping On A Budget for

Your Home Business.” So what I’m writing today is a finishing up of where I left off at

and it Begin’s Here!

Back in the day I made thrift and discount shopping a hobbie, not knowing that it was

a niche. Today Niche Ideas has become a house hold name for home businesses

Then it was not thought of as a lucrative idea or Niche. Actually, Niche was not in my

vocabulary.  But during those days was into thrifty items like Authentic wall pictures

and wall art.  There were times when I would go shopping around at these discount

stores and end up finding an item that was so much worth in value.


Weep The Benefits:

Budgeting on a dime is not so easy these days as it was then. But it’s never to late to

get started. https://www.wealthyaffiliate.com?a_aid=12d68bb1

Get Started

Set aside a cash fund to purchase items that you will need to finish this project.

You will need to purchase things like:

  • Electronic’s
  • Office furniture
  • Equipment
  • Supplies
  • Services

8 Things To Do

  1. Check out where the special are for that day.
  2. Make sure to find out where to go find cheap stuff.
  3. Ask questions! Knowbody i sn’t going to tell you anything if you don’t ask.
  4. Plan to spent 2 or 3 hour’s shopping around, until you have mastered the trade.
  5. At some stores ther are great things happening. Look for the signs.

Most people have learned that shopping at discount stores is the best way to save

and stay on a budget. So finding the right item at the right time is key, but you must

be prepared to be patience.

Once you get started setting up your system, you will find that this task is consuming

but is worth it in the long run.

  • Observation: When you find the store yu want to shop at, observe the store surroundings

read poster boards and signs that are saturated through the store.

  • Some days are like a treasure hunt. look for the 50% discount items, in some store you get

an ertra 50% off.of tcketed items.

  • Be assertive: Make an early start, because the early bird catches the best bargain.
  • Check Store Directory: check out the store hours. Some store hour do vary.
  • Be comfortable: Wear the right shoes and comfortable clothes
  • Be Positive: Always have a purpose for discount and thrift sjopping.


The budget:

The amount you set for a budget is much to be consider for setting up your system.

Creating a lurative home business through the Wealthy Affiliate Program is one of the

most economical ways to get started on a budget. It cost pennies to Get Started! But

the end results can be rewarding. Click: The Link and Learn How!

My main question is: how To Build Your Affiliate System on a Budget_from stratch

_on a fixed budget_from Trash_To Treasure?

Why Do I need An Affiliate System set-up?

In this article, all of the above is to be considered.

Where To Find Discounts On A Budget

The list is one of my favorites filled with great places to go an get the things

you will need, and anyone can get started somewhere. It is essential for you

to build up a system with what ever budget you have. If it’s no budget, then,

you still are in good hands, because at Affiliate, anybody with the

smallest budget can get started to day!  Affiliate.

  • Dollar Stores
  • Office Max
  • Goodwill Stores
  • Saver’s
  • Walmart
  • Sam clubs
  • Target’s

Trash To Treasure on A Budget

Story 1

“A woman who bought a $30 painting worth 12 million dollars.”

One day an employee at a tool-and die company in Indiana

had only $50 on her, this was her budget for the week. She saw

something about the picture that stood out, so bought it from a

thrift store for $30.00 leaving her with $20. After a few days, she

decided to strategically hang the picture up covering up a hole

in the wall that had been bugging her. One day later down in the

year, she needed a few bucks, and the only thing she thought to

do was take that old picture to the get it appraised. To learn that the

the picture she bought was worth 1.2 million.

Millions of people today are making millions from rare, antiques,

pictures books,etc,.So I say this to say that you to can start ffrom trash

to treasure too.

Story 2.

A German student bought a pullout coach for $215 at a Berlin Flea market

She bought it and took it home, after spending a couple of hours to find

someone to transport the sofa home. It cost her twent dollars for getting it

home. Anyway,when she unfolded the sofa, she found a painting inside of it

worth 100 times the amount she paid for it.

Shopping at thrifty, flea markets, and discount stories, moving sales, can mean

millions of dollars for you. You never know when and how the fortune will be fall you.


What You Need To Get Started

Here are six things you need to get started!

  1. A time frame set that you can go out seeking for the best store to shop at.
  2. Follow some of the tips above before getting started.
  3. Plan to stay in a store for about two or three hours.
  4. You’re need a few dollars on you based on you budget
  5. Dress comfortably.
  6. Take a cell phone for taking pictures of dates, artist, maker, items, etc,.

Setting Up Your System

In five simple steps:

  • Finding the right item or product at the right time is key.
  • Money and Income tax Files.
  • Build wealth and Income.
  • Create wealth your current income
  • Create wealth Treasure and Income Filing.

Build An Affiliate System:

Get Started Today! Build your success dream site in a

few mintues, and you’re done. Learn How to grow your

system through the use of some awesome tools and

great lessons. Read A review NOW!



Thank you for building your Affiliate System On a budget.

Need help! Just send me a mail.


Blogger; Louisa Barzey


Email: louisapromonews@gmail.com




Grace Murano, 8/25/2009






Chair-Basis Style & Sporty Simple

Product Review

Chair-Basis Style & Sporty Simple

Home Office Small Spaces./ Review`

JL ComFurni Designs/ 

Be Your Own Home Boss Work Home/ https://crypto-homebossceo.com

-Set-Up Home Office Small Spaces / review /chair basic style / Traditional chair styles

Chair-Basis Style & Sporty Simple / vintage chairs styles / Antique chair style

2018 Article By: Louisa Barzey


Name of Product- Chair, Basic Style and Sporty Simple

Owner of Product: JL Comfurni

Sold by Rey Designs Inc

Ratings: 5 out of 5

Price: $74.99 / This Price Can Vary

Website: www.Amazon.com


Chair Basic Style and Sporty Simple is the perfect chair for those that are not looking

for the not so high back. This chair does not tilt back and forth for the added comfort

for those who have head and neck problem. The Price is a budget priced chair. It sell

a lot because it is a decent chair for all your office needs. Actually, you can roll it to

you want to move to.It only comes in black. www.tiny-toys-cheap.com

About This Product:

JL Comfurni is a company which focus on creating high quality home and office

Furniture. They are in the prior position of global market to provide personalized design

Top quality products and best services.

JL Comfurni Office Chair Adjustable Mesh Swivel Home Office Chairs Low Back Computer Desk Chair for Working (Black)

JL comfurni Office Chair Adjustable Mesh Swivel Home Office

Chairs Low Back Computer desk Chair for Working Back

by JL Comfurni


$74.99$ 74 99

FREE Shipping on eligible orders

Product Features & Details

… About a Chair,Basic Style and Sporty Simple Design – Perfect for

home and office work. Comes with a lift mechanism convenient height

adjustment 360 degree. Swivel, comfortable and padded mesh seat, low 

back breathable mesh, cover keep your back cool in hot summer month.

Heavy duty nylon base, upright looking position office chair rock with adjustable

tilt tension control.

Model Chair

<input type=”hidden” id=”redactor-image-align” value=””>


Features and Detail:

About a chair Basic Style and Sporty Simple www.amazon.com

This particular chair is a charm for any office or home whether new or used.

IT has lift mechanism convenient height adjustment, 360 degree, it has swivel appeals

Comfortable and padded mesh seat, low back, breathable mesh cover, that keep your back cool

In the hot summer months when you’re sitting for hours www.domino.com.

Other characteristics are the heavy-duty nylon base upright looking computer office chair rock with

Adjustable tilt tension control.

Product Information

Item weight-21.3 pounds/production dimensions- 18.9x 17.7x 39.5 inches/ weight 22 pounds

Fast Shipping and easy assembly. shipping from their warehouse.

Product Description:

Heavy duty, nylon base. Adjustable tilt tension control.

Shipping Weight: 21.3lb


This chair comes with all the qualities that you would want from your nice new

sporty chair. This chair fits any desk or can be used as a nice accent chair that goes

anywhere, and fits great in any small space. Perfect for small office space.digs digs


There are many viewers for this product. As in any product or service

You’ll have people that loves this chair.

There are no written reviews from others viewers yet


  • Chair does not rock back and forth
  • Do this chair carry 5 year warranty?

Additional Information:

Package Includes: 1x chair (all fillings) 1x set of assembly instructions


backside-(width x height) 48x48cm/ top back seat width 42cm/gross weight 12 kg/

Product Size: (depth x width) 45x 48x (90-100cm)

Seat size: (depth x width) 45x48cm


This company sells only the best in chairs.JLCom Furni They have many styles and a great 

selections for your home office small space. Choosing the right chair and accessories is very important 

for small spaces. A combination of mixed patterns, and not so much color, a simple palette

makes pattern mixing fool proff with soft roomy seating. wwwballarddesigns.com

Return Policy:

A 60-day money back policy is in place!


There is a 100% quality guarantee

 1 year warranty, buy with technical specifications, no risk!


I most certainly will give this sporty style chair five stars, because of it functionality.

This chair has a back support cushion that help the back and spine from long periods

Of sitting. You will be very happy with a purchase of this chair, and you will get what you paid

For years to come. The only problem I find that most back suffered look for in an office

chair is the tilt back motion. The chair has wheels, and this is very good to have especially

those who have to move back and forth to different areas.

Choosing the right chair If you are searching for a chair that will keek your work area from

cramping your decorating style, well this Sporty Style Chair is the perfect fit for you small 

office space.


  • www.youtube.com
  • www.pinterest.com
  • antiques.com
  • cagedesigngroup.com
  • Modern Office Design Office Ideas
  • Home Office Ideas Small Spaces


Contact Information:

Disclaimer: I write reviews as a volunteer service. In some instances, I

get paid a percentage of the product when sold to an individual.

Website: https://crypto-homebossceo.com

Email: louisapromonews@gmail.com

Varidesk Standing Desk/Sit-Stand Workstation

Varidesk Standing Desk/ Sit-Stand

Workstation/ Review

Looking for that perfect desk for your small office space?

Varidesk Sit/Stand portable desk is a perfect fit for

any office space. Take a look at the large selections and

styles to meet your office needs.

Varidesk Standing. Desk Height Adjustable Sit-Stand Workstation

How to be your own boss Work Home/https://crypto-homebossceo/ HBC Plubishing

Home Office Small Space 2018/ Product Review.


Varidesk is a dual standing/sit adjustable desk that is very easy to set-up and

use right away. There are no assembly required. Just take it out of the box

with ease and place it rights on top of your existing desk. Suffering from lower

back pain, well this is the right choice for your posture and lumbar area. You

get several benefits from Varidesk.

There are many selections to choose from, and many stores carry this product.

Most people are ordering online without a problem, so you are in great hands

when you Shop for Varidesk.

Height-Adjustable Standing Desk for Cubicles - VARIDESK Cube Corner 36     *VERIDESK CUBIC CORNER*


Product Name:

Varidesk Standing Desk/ Height Adjustable Sit-Stank Workstation

Product Price:

Price May Vary! ,The price for this product may vary, at different

stores. Look around,and find the price that is right for you.


This product is highly ranked with many views.

4 1/2 stars





About the Product:

This desk is a black standing Desk is a simple sit-stand

Workstation. It is designed to help improve posture, energy

Level and productivity. “Varidesk will change the way you

work! Allows you to work comfortably from either a sitting

or standing position.

The adjustable height converter makes it easy to quickly switch

between sitting and standing for healthy…


Product Specifications:

Approved by London Spine Clinic

This desk was first available in UK, now available in the US

Desk have new recently and approved mechanism! This stand up office

Desk adjust from sitting to standing position in seconds, with the spring- assisted

hand levers.

Its robust design can hold two computers, monitors and laptops up to 88lbs (40 kg )

on top shelf and 11lbs. (5kg) on keyboard tray and the large surface area can hold more.

The top of Th desk is 31.75 in length and 20.5″ deep

Height Adjustable stand up desk moves from 6.5 inches

(165mm)-163 inches(165mm) 16.3 inches (145mm).

The base is 24.6 inches deep and 31.9 inches in length


The standing desk is shipped fully assembled and ready to use.

Free Shipping.

Can convert any desk into an ergonomic work station and sits

directly on to of your existing table.

Money Back Policy in place/ No-risk 30 day guarantees makes

it easy to see just how fast and simple it into make the switch

to Varidesk sit-stand desk solutions

Strong and sustainable material for long time use. Easy to

move around and setup almost anywhere. There are no

complicated instructions and no tools required.

If you live in the 48 states and you’re not happy with your

VARIDESK within 30 days, simply give them a call and they’ll

pick it up for free!

Satisfaction Guaranteed: Freeshipping and Free Returns

Sturdy and Stable, even when extended.



Below are a few thoughts others had to say about the Adjustable

Standing Desk-Cubicles.

  • Initial lift at the wrong angle
  • if they would automate it would be better
  • Maybe they got bad parts for a bunch of them
  • I was delivered 4 different desks and had to return them
  • The power assist wouldn’t work once  monitors were on the table
  • It was very disappointing

My Thought:

My Personal Thought From Owing an adjustable standing Desk Cubicles.

The cons are very few; Most shoppers today are looking for the trend

style and quality in a desk or workstation, this desk meets the qualification

to satisfy anyone’s curiosity.  I bought it from a thrift  shop, and have used my

desk for almost two years in July 2018.

For a used item, and a very reasonable discounted price, I think My Varidesk

still have some more good wear to go, and is still very durable and is

sustaining very well.


There are many cons out there, and they are the ones that are never

happy, and will find problems with a good product, but this is one they

won’t find any problems with.


Product Overview:

The sit or stand Vardesk allows you to move through your day so

you’re never locked into one position. No Assembly is required. It come

fully assembled and ready to use. Another good quality about VariDesk

Standing/sit workstation is that there are many styles to choose from.

This product comes with a warranty.

  • Varidesk Pro 30 Standing Desk
  • Varidesk Pro desk 60 full Size Standing desk
  • Varidesk Cube Corner 48 inch
  • Varidesk Pro 36 Standing Desk
  • Varidesk Pro Plus 48 Standing Desk
  • Varidesk Prodesk 60 Electric

Products Available:

  • Sit-Stand Converters
  • Desks and Tables
  • Seating & Storage
  • Accessories

Most certainly you will find the desk of your

choice from your Varidesk!


My opinion about this desk is economical. I purchased my Varidesk

years ago, and still using it, but have since upgrade it to the newest Varidesk

Cube Corner version. It is a great fit for my small office space, and I still have

room for the old one, so the both are serving a great purpose, as I continue to

organize my small office space.

I love the Cubicle so much because it is designed to maximize my small office

space. Not only that, it also maximizes my productivity and comfort while working.

The Cube Plus and Cube Corner desktop riser models give me a generously

wide working space that allows me to work sitting or standing with less back


Looking to find the right fit for your desk. VARIDESK is the thing!

Who Will Buy This Product?

Since this desk is so versatile, young and older folks have purchased this desk.

Especially people that are looking to create more space in their small home office.

There are people that have bad backs and suffer with pain every day, so this is the

best solution for those people as well.


  • www.relaxtheback,com/desks
  • Varidesk.com
  • www,the human solution.com/UPLIFT-DESK
  • www.up desk.com/easyup
  • https://www.amazon.com>Small-Standi…
  • https://www.amazon.com>Varidesk


Louisa Barzey /Blogger

Website: https://crypto-homebossceo.com

Email: louisapromonews@gmail.com

Contact Varidesk




7:00a.m.-7:00 p.m. (CST)





7:00 a.m. -7:00 p.m. (CST




1800 827 433

Monday- Friday

8:00 a.m. -5:00 p.m. (AEST)




020 3808 5398

Monday- Friday

7:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. (GMT)




The adjustable workstation is easy to set up and start

Using it right away. Whether you’re sitting or standing, it’s

Stability and functionality is remarkable. All the styles has high ratings

with 4/5 stars. I will be happy to refer many more people to check out

the Varidesk.products/desks/workstations.

How To Arrange Compact Office Furniture in Small Spaces

How To Arrange Compact Office

Furniture in Small Spaces

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How To Arrange Compact Office Furniture in small Spaces/

In this Article:

  • How to arrange compact office furniture in small space.
  • Choosing the right furniture for your office.
  • Downsizing unwanted furniture.
  • Buying new furniture. 
  • Decorating small office space/the finishing touch.

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How to Arrange Compact Furniture in Small Spaces

Arranging compact furniture in Small Spaces can be daunting at times. The key is knowing

How to get started. In this article, you will find great tips, ideas, and suggestions about

“how to Arrange Compact Furniture in a small office space. When buying or adding new furniture

in your office need not be many pieces. The modern way is adding a work station and a book

shelve, and two chairs will work just fine. It all depends on your size room or space you’re using.

Key Points:

  • Define what you want to accomplish
  • Write down plan
  • Measure office space
  • Empty Office space
  • Start from stratch
  • Review The project
  • Finalize the project

As you get started, There are key points to remember: Now that you’re ready to

challenge this project; Define what you want to accomplish. It’s better to be sure

about what you want to do and how you plan to get it done! Write it down, This is the

best approach to take. When writing it down, you’re more apt to start and finish the task.

You want to clear the space, move everything out and into another space, so that you

will have plenty of space to work around. Now you’re ready to start from sratch. Go ahead

and finalize the project.

Here are five important facts to consider

Before Getting Started

  1. How many pieces of furniture are you trying to Arrange?
  2. Take the measurements of the square footage of room space.
  3. Alleviate the items that are crowding up your small space.
  4. Empty the space before rearranging the furniture.
  5. Place only the necessary items that you need in that space.

Choosing The Right Furniture For Your Office Space


Downsizing Unwanted Office Furniture

Modernizing your home for that rich new appear is what’s cooking

today Creative design office Spaces does not have to be difficult

to get accomplished. Downsizing unwanted Furniture to fit into your

small office space makes more sense than ever.

A few months back, I had to move into a smaller apartment. Therefore,

I had to get rid of large pieces of office furniture. This was not so easy

for me to do as where Iam use to having very large pieces of

office furniture.

Weeks before my move, I had to find a place where I could exchange

or sell some of my most valuable pieces. Chairish..com is an online market

where design lovers buy and sell vintage and pre=ownered furniture and

deco to one another, with more than curated items for sell, buyers can make

 offer on items and Chairish manage delivery as needed.’

Buying New Furniture. 

  • Perigold.com
  • Containerstore.com
  • Corian Design.com
  • Fendi.com
  • Flexform.com
  • Amazon.com
  • Ethan Allen.com


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Decorating Small Office Space/ The Finishing Touch

After downsizing and thinning out some  clutter gives me more space to decorate

into a nice cool breezy office space. Like some of us, we have experienced having to

move and shuffle things  so that people could sit down. Well I know that

feeling and it’s not such a happy one, After the meeting and everyone has left you there

sitting and just staring at your dark and attractive space. Now, you may even ask you-

self this question. How can I make this space an focus and spacious office that I have

seen on hgtv.

How many times have you tried to fit a very large nice piece of furniture

into a very small office space, eventually, having to rearrange your office

and then rmove that piece which you thought would work out only for

that moment in time.

This situation often happen to many of home based businesses, I have been

called on many occasion to help out with dilema. As mentioned earlier, is

to downsize, get rid of something,and  exchange for something else that is

cheap an is a space saver,

In these modern days, small is in, and big is out. Small home office furniture

is the best setup for home office small space. You should challenge your space,

and if you’re looking to make a statement in your small office space, then other

options need to be made

Choosing the right statement pieces can be time- consuming, but this is what it

takes to acquire that appeal you are looking for. I am in love with unique vintage

pieces, so this is why time is consuming when I am looking for a particular look.

Most vintage furniture comes in big sizes, but there are some great fines out

there, and just knowing which direction to go in when seeking is the key.

20 Home Office Design ideas for Small Office Space Decoist>office

Here are 20 small home office ideas for those who are challenged for

room and wish to have decently organized work space that combine form

with 2012.

Concluding this article, I hope that you will find something that can help

you as you turn your new office space into a very bright and elegant

work space for years to come. Feel free to check out other similiar

articles at Home Boss









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