Product Review: Electric Facial Hair Remover

How to use this Electric Facial hair remover.

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Name Of Product

Kingdom Care Portable facial Skin Care Electric Hair Remover


Kingdom Care Beauty LLC



$13.79 and up

Ratings: 4 out of 5


This product is a painless way to get rid of unwanted facial body hair. The New Gold Standard is a facial light hair remover.

A revolutionary new light hair remover device that eraser facial hair instantly and painlessly. It comes packaged with a 18K gold plated head is hypoallegenic and gentle on all skin type.


The woman mini facial pinless hair remover has some great benefits. The price is right, but does’nt perform as I thought it would. Actually,  after removing the hair, there are still nips, that can be felt by touch, therefore, the skin is not left with that clean soft touch.


This product claims to be the ideal for facial hair, it requires two AA batteries The container is shaped like a large tube of lipstick, very convenient and very easy to carry, Has a 18K gold plated in beautiful rose gold.


This product does not give a clean cut, and the skin feels nubbed the next day.


Who can use this product:

This product is suitable to be safe for men and women of all ages.

How To Use This Product:

Apply the batteries, then turn it on and move in a circular motion.



My take over two facial removers Flawless and Kingdom, My choice is the one that stands up to its name.

Flawless stands up to its name and it’s performances is exceptional.


Kingdom: Painless,Removes Pink Fuzz, hypallergenic, built-in light, electrical,shapes like a lipstick tube,Price is right, removable tool.



My take of this and many products like it need to be compared to other’s, and reviews helps. Read reviews about products that you like or want to try. This will save you a lot’s of dollars. In other words, it’s better safe than sorry. now this is my take, others may find this product to work well for them, if so very good.

Final Opinion:

Most women spend the majority of their shopping time looking for the best facial hair removing product

but never finding the perfect product that stands up to it’s name. I have spent hundreds of dollars on useless

hair removing products that failed the test of time, but guess who the loosers are, yes, you and me, we are the ones

that will spend an arm and a leg for the right product. Then when a new product becomes a trendy one for the moment

we the consumers jump on it, even before measuring the pros an cons,

For serval years, I have taking the skin something serious. due to imperfections. There are lots of people that are dealing

with some  sort of condition like; ezema, psrorasis, and a host of other sensitive problems to different products. I have used razors, creams and other skin products to no avail. This product is like the many that I have used that doesn’t stand up to its name.


In conclusion, there are many products sold today. but offer different benefits. Many of these products look the same. Prices ranges different, color, style and size maybe the same. So when making a decision to buy any hair removing products, read and review before buying

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